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My package gains. But advice needed

My package gains. But advice needed

Hey everyone. I have been doing PE for about 4 months. I started out at a solid 7” bp. I am now at 8” bp and 7” nbp. I am really happy with the results and suprised at my rapid gains! I have done a lot of stretch work to increase my length. My girth has gone from 5.4” to around 5.9”-6.0”. I do however have one problem. All my gains are in erect length/girth. My flaccid size has only increase a small amount.
My goal was to have a “full” buldge in my pants and have my laddy friends look at it in gym etc. I am only 18 and I must admit I am envious of those guys whos buldge is seen through their gym short/ sweat pants. My question is; is there anyway that I can “pack” my penis to make it appear larger in my pants/gym shorts? Should I place the head up or down? Where boxers or briefs. (Currently I wear boxer briefs.) I want my head outline to be visible and show off my new length gains.
I also have another problem. I have gotten great gains in girth etc.. but m glands are not growing. Is there anything I can do to get my ridge and head to really pop out and become more defined/larger?

Thanks you for the help and advice.

Perhaps you should check out wearing a cock ring.

Is that all I can do? I would feel a little bit odd going and buying a cock ring. Can I make one? Also in gym that could be a problem. We have to take showers. I am bigger than almost all the guys in my gym class. There would be talk as to why. (i.e the cock ring). Can I hide it?


Concentrate on Jelqing and Kegeling for a while.

Congratulations on the quick gains *grinds teeth with envy* :)

You could go to Ace Hardware and buy the biggest o-ring and use it around the whole package. I think it’s 2 1/8” diameter with 1/4” thickness. It’s really cheap too. Can’t really hide a cockring in the locker room very easily though.

Thanks for the help. I was happy with my quick gains. I think it was because of my tight ligs. It may also be because I am still changing because of puberty. If puberty is the cause I WANT MORE. The quick gains have been great.

The cock ring….
Should I put it on during an erection or wait until I reach my desired size?
How tight should it be?


Congrats Alpha:

It’s very good to know that. Can you tell us what was your routine?


BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

my routine is simple.

I do:
5 mins warm up
15-20 mins strech
*V strech
* down, left, right, up
* grab between my legs and pull betweem legs.
* strech with pulling the opposite direction of strech from middle of penis.
200-300 jelqs (dry)
* somtimes much less. I try to do a lot of streching and girth is not my main goal. Although it will now be my top propority.

PS. Is it harmful to leave a cock ring on for very long? How tight should it be?

Thanks for all the help!


If you get pain, excessive swelling, or discoloration it’s too tight, and shouldn’t be worn for extended periods. If it allows for a little extra engorgement, without any problems, you can wear it all day.

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