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My newbie routine.Please help


With the Icing treatment I was taught in Senior First aid and another course any small area you’re icing (ankle, wrist, hand, foot etc) should be iced for a maximum 3 minutes at a time with a 3 minute break before next ice application. This is done for 30 mins. So it’s 5x 3mins icing and 5x 3mins of no ice.

As for massaging after icing. I don’t know.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Just took my first measurement since starting the linear routine. I have not been using a cool-down because I’m not sure it’s best for me.

But I did have an increase in both length and girth; .3 inch in length and .1 in girth! :)

In just 5 workouts!

Gonna stick with it for now. Thank you so much for all your help!


I have a quick question. I have read that the best way to cool down/warm down is in te slightly extended state. I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on that?

For example, I like to cool down by applying the slightest pressure on the area on the outside of the thick vein on the inside of the penis. I believe it is the tunica, I apply such a slight pressure that my penis expands a little, but so slightly that the tunica does not stretch much, nor can I feel it on the inside of the penis, just on the soft jelly like outside layer of the penis. I apply a 3 minute ice wrap until my junk is thoroughly cooled down. Then I keep the slightly extended state by applying the smallest amount of pressure as if I am squeezing using a fist grip. This provides me witha slight extension, and does not affect the tunica and so the turtling effect does not take place. Does this sound in line with the guidelines of a slight extension or should I rethink this?

While I’ve not exactly understood what are you saying, I think if your size stays longer doing the cooling than without doing it, you are doing it right :) .

Ha ok marinera. Yea, it’s difficult to explain. I’ll try once more. Once a workout is complete. I ice with a soft gel ice pack while squeezing my johnson by making a fist around it. This extends my penis slightly, or rather does not allow it to retract. It does not pull on the urethra (which is as I think is what I can feel on the inside of my penis when it is flaccid as a stringy line in the center of my penis). So after my cooldown of three minutes, I keep this grip around my penis, keeping the penis slightly extended yet not stretching it exactly, it’s just keeping it extended very slightly. After the gelpack, I keep my fist around it, and allow it to cool down for another 20 minutes or so. Is this more understandable? Haha, probably not.

Oh, also I noticed some red/purple blotching on the head of my penis.Should I be alarmed? How should I adjust?

Do you guys think it’s too early for me to start hanging?

It’s not that I’m trying to rush into things, but I just don’t have time to stretch and jelq a long session (full time school/work). However, if I could hang as my stretch, I would be able to carry about my business and jelq in between hanging.

Please let me know what you guys think, I take your opinion as the end all be all in what I will do with my penis. (I have a lot of patience)

You have no time to stretch and you want start hanging? sweeeet, the probabilities that you get gains with 10 minutes of hanging are very very low.

Well, if I hang I can conceal the hanger and carry on with my life at home (my mother and brother are always home).

Let me clarify.

I can stretch, but it is difficult to do a pre stretch warm-up, except during my session in the shower. I am going to be buying a heater to solve this problem and be able to stretch in my room in privacy and still get the advantage of a warm-up.

I am a very busy person, and I am trying to maximize my effectiveness, of course. I have time to warm up and stretch for tops an hour (once I get the heater) ,or warm up and hang for infinite hours, or I could make an ads and wear that. I don’t know what is best for me, or if this is overkill.

But stretching requires me occupying my hands, and I will not be able to do homework or anything else with my hands. So, I was wondering if hanging or an ADS would be a viable alternative.

If it detriments my progress, I will not change and will just adjust my schedule to surround pe. Sleep is less important to me right now than getting an A in chemistry or growing my unit haha.

Hope this explains it marinera : )

You can do some work wearing an ADS, but you can’t really do anything that require your attention wearing an hanger, despite you could have heard. Maybe after several months of hanging you will able to working at your computer while hanging, but for the first weeks or months hanging will require most of your attention.

You should never sacrifize sleep, nor for an ‘A’ neither for penis enlargement, because a bad sleep will cause missing both :) .

Ha, good advise no doubt. It truly is difficult for me to find time to do carry out a good workout. I started adding light horse squeezes into my jelqing, we will see how that goes. I found out that my smooth muscle is most possible what it the limiting factor for me, so I will be concetrating a little more focused on girth now anyways (so hanging can wait).

gonna be making an ads this week tho, if only to cool down in an extended state to start, and then maybe start adding some real time of ads to my workout.


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