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My newbie routine.Please help


My newbie routine.Please help

Sup everyone,
First off I just wanted to say thank you so much for saving my life.seriously, I had a girlfriend for two years who repeatedly berated me for being inadequate for her, even as far as to call me “less than half a man compared to her others”. This left me in such despair and I would avoid hooking up with other women just because of the embarrassment I would feel when we would first hook up. I love sex so much I began to think there was no fucking reason to live and was beginning to contemplate suicide.I somehow stumbled upon this site and my outlook has changed completely. I have a real fire under my ass to get this growth happening, but I feel from reading alot of posts that too much zeal might actually harm my goal.

My routine for the last month has been
5 minute hot wrap or shower warm up
15 min manual stretch in every direction
V- stretch
And the stretch where you pull your dick in a circle clockwise and counter clockwise
>100 jelqs <250 (started out with 50 n worked up to 150 in about a week)

Now after much reading and seeing the danger of over training I am afraid I might have over trained during this time ( I used full force much as a could handle without sharp pain).the reason I think I overtrained is that sometimes after a strong jelq I feel a sharp pain ( not over powering pain, but maybe a 2 to 3 level pain on a scale of 1 to 10.but it’s always concentrated on the same spot of my penis).however my eq is rock solid, my night wood lasts all night.would the fact that I’m 24 affect this, because I am already used to great night wood anyways so maybe I am detrimenting my growth but it’s not noticeabe because I’m young and the night wood comes easier.anyways I just built a cap’n wench and really have a go-getter attitude about starting a real pe workout.any suggestions would be great, or any insight at all into whether this pain should be enough for me to hold off for a week or so.and if I should hold off for a week. Should I also stop having sex during this decon break?

My new routine is going to be
5 min warm up
20 min manual streching
5 min v stretch
>200 jelqs
Cold pack cool down
1 hr hanging with Cap’n wench 20 min on 10 min off
Cold pack cool down

How does that sound, too much? Too little?

To clarify.the pain I feel when jelqing is only on a real hard jelq, I take it as a sign that that is my limit and jelq below that thresh hold.but because it seems (from reading different threads on here) I have to ride that line for growth. I seem to feel that pain on about 1 or 2 jelqs per session

Sorry to hear about the former girlfriend, sweeeeet, although any woman who does what she did is not worthy of the title.

Where are you feeling the pain?

Pain is not a necessary part of PE. It is generally a warning sign. I have had soreness from time to time from PE, but not outright pain. If you’re getting pain for jelqing, you are probably using too much force.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I feel the pain only sometimes when jelqing with too much force, but my worry is because I started by using too much force to stretch, I might have cause micro-trauma and if I don’t take decon it will be detrimental and cause toughening.but the fact that it only happens when I jelq too hard is leading me to believe that a decon break might be unnecessary. Again it only happens in the right part of my penis mid-shaft and it is very rarely, sometimes not at all during a session.I have decreased my force of jelq over all and the pain has not returned (it is not really pain, it’s just on the cusp of pain, it almost feels like a minorly pained stretch. I cut out any of the advanced jelqing techniques until I feel like I am ready, but I don’t want to take a decon break if I don’t have to. Also good night wood and strong erections are leading me to believe that the stress is not really over training.however it’s better to be safe than sorry.I have taken a 2 day break and will see how my jelqing tonight will feel. Should I continue with my new routine or should I wait and start at the beginning of the newbie workout or should I wait?

Now I stretch with only a lil force, basically just pullin to the point that my penis is fully stretched and then a very minor pull past that.I will be hanging with a 3/4 lb weight.should I try this for a couple weeks and see what happens or should I wait a few weeks and then start the newbie again? The real question for me is when is too much.too much.I have read about it but it is hard to gauge where my this fact that I still have good erections and night wood a good enough sign that the pe is working? P.s. I have had no gains so far.

PLEEEESE HELP ME with any information!

Wut force should I use for jelq Lampwick?

Based on that sonny, should I not even start hanging yet? I’m only hanging with a .75 lb weight

Condition yourself for a few months on the newbie routine. I can say from personal experience that I went to fast when I started, and ended up taking a month off.

Do things by the book, and make sure you’re ready before you take the next step.
Just my opinion.

Dude, your x-chick sounds like a first class bitch, screw her.

It’s not your unit that’s small, it’s her baggy pussy that’s the issue ;)

Anyway dude, newbie routines should be carried out for longer than a month before moving onto more advanced stuff.

I only started showing signs of newbie gains between month 2 and 3, and in those 2 months added a half inch of length.

Your routine does look good though IMHO, I too have just added v jelqs to my routine, but I have been doing this for 5 months, I think that exercise is very advanced and you may wish to condition more before doing them.

What are your stats dude?

Edit: wow been lurking all this time, didn’t realise this is my first post. Hi all!

Clock watcher.I’m 5.8 bpel, 4.75 eg.I revamped my new routine again

5 minute warmup
5 minute light stretch
V stretch in every direction for 2 minutes
100 jelqs
Hanging .75 lb at least 2 twenty minute sets with ten minute breaks in between.does this qualify as a newbie routine.should I add or change anything.too much or too little? I don’t mind sticking to the newbie routine, it’s just that I have more time to hang than to manual hanging a viable substitute for manual stretch.or should I x out hanging for now(again it’s less than one pound)

P.S. Thank you guys so much for your help.really is absolutely priceless imo

Sweeeeet, When I came across Thunder’s a year ago I as well felt relieved. I was really stressing out about my size on a regular basis. My outlook completely changed knowing I could do something about it. Welcome to Thunder’s and always remember that this is a marathon and not a race. Good luck on your gaining! :)

Thanx eagle.I understand the feeling completely.It is such a powerful feeling to know that I can achieve something I thought was not possible.however now I’m worried about following the rules that the max gainers on this site have “lewis and clarked” for us.let me know bout my routine please..

5 minute shower warmup
5 minute light stretch, v stretch every direction
100 jelq combined with kegel
Hanging .75lb weights 2 (or 3 or 4 depends on the time I have) twenty min interval, ten minute rest and blood flow recouperation
Then cold press 3 minute for cool down?

PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS WORKOUT AND WHETHER THIS IS AN EASY ENOUGH NEWBIE ROUTINE OR IS IT TOO MUCH? I have been doing the very basic Newbie routine for about a month now

Also, I got a pm from someone who wants to be my private coach, which sounds that legit? I saw he was a new member too

Shit I forgot to add.I’m doing this twice a day (if possible)

I think your routine sounds like a good one as long as it’s not too much for you. Also, good luck to you, don’t give up.

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