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My newbie routine.Please help

sweeeet, take a week off and then start doing the newbie routine or, even better in your case I guess, the linear routine (search for). No hanging, no anything funny or fancy, ok? My two cents.

A week it is having sex ok.bout every day I have some sort sex/blowjob/masterbate.should I stop these too (would suck but I’ll do it)

Sex and masturbation are ok.

PS: please, apply the correct rules about capitalizing, punctuation etc..We are pretty serious on those.

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I will focus more on capitalizing and punctuation, sorry bout that Marinera.another qu, when I do start pe-ing again (grrrh chomping at the bit, but I will wait the full week); should my stretch be a lil past my flaccid full stretch length, I don’t want to over stretch, and I do not know a good way to gauge what a 4% stretch is (as per firegoats recommended force in another thread). Also I find it easier to use a lil blood to create a donut grip by pushing a 5 to 10% erection amount of blood to the top of my glans to stetch with (I push the blood up and use an ok grip to grab that blood filled glan like doorknob almost, and then stretch).is this ok or is it better to just be completely flaccid and grip only flesh for a stetch (and not use blood as a crutch to create a better grip).Thanx again everyone for your help :)

Time to read and apply these, sweeet: Forum Guidelines:

I will abide by that for sure because I understand why you would have that rule. I’m sorry.

I have another question, could I put a freezer pac on my dong maybe 10 min a day to minimize this wait time (or maximize it ). I mean, will it help or hurt?

Cooling down could be useful; putting a freeze pac on your unit when you haven’t done any PE work isn’t, IMHO.

Chomping at the bit : < but I am waiting the full week.gonna start at all the low’s of the linear routine because I rushed it in the beginning. Does that sound right or wrong?

Thank you very much for your help

Mine will be growing. :) :)

Also if this helps anyone decide whether I should start at the absolute lows of the recommended linear routine exercises..

I have about 1/2 inch of flaccid growth that has cemented from beating my dick up before I realized that it’s a marathon not a race, and patience is also a virtue here.

Originally Posted by marinera
Cooling down could be useful; putting a freeze pac on your unit when you haven’t done any PE work isn’t, IMHO.

Oh ok, but I can start putting an ice pak as soon as I begin, which is now right? I don’t have to ease into ice paks or anything right haha

Ok, so this is my workout,

5 min warm-up, massage penis gently and kegel throughout that time

20 jelqs up with a standard ok grip, 20 overhand grip in a downward direction, and I kegel when I switch hands for a new rep.

Hang 20 mins with .75 lb, using the capn’s wench wrapped around a cold pack, which is wrapped round my Johnson.

(Every three workouts I will add 10 jelqs in each direction, till I reach one hundred, then I will measure in about a month or so)

Please respond with your opinions on this routine.

I’m not sure about using ice treatment with PE, but I just wanna add (if you’re not already doing it) wrap the ice pack in a tea towel first. Ice burns and other injuries are possible.

In my opinion icing your penis for any longer then 3 minutes at a time I would consider hazardous.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Ok Tossed, gonna follow your advice and adjust to three minutes of ice pack after my set of hanging, when I place the ice pack on my Johnny I should pull it into a light stretch correct?

My PI’s are positive and I had rock hard wood all night mon and tues after my workouts. I felt no soreness at all.

Ima stop hanging also for now I guess, and just follow the full linear routine to the t.

The only thing ima do is an ice pack for a cool down instead of a warm down with my johhny in a light stretch, and I’m only gonna do it for three minutes at the end of each workout. Please comment on this..

Following the ice pack should I massage my johnson, or should the ice pack end the workout completely?

^^^^The reason for this is because after 2 workouts, I noticed less of an all day flaccid hang, however another positive PI is that my morning wood is rock solid all night.

Is this decrease in all day flaccid length a neutral PI?


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