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My Measurements

My Measurements

How good are my measurements are they avg,below avg, above avg and I have some questions.

Here are my measurements

BP-FL: 4.5 inches

BPEL: 7 inches

FG: 3.8

EG: 5.2

I have two more questions on top of my original is 7 the longest my member can be since it’s bone pressed and theirs no more inside of me?? Also if I was say 8% bf will my full 7 inches show cause I”m around like 18% now would my penis size actually increase if I lost weight or it would only appear as if I gained?

You have above average length. Average length is more like 6 inches, although I don’t think that average is bone pressed.

Your BP measurement does not represent the longest you can be. The BP measurement just gives you a constant datum point to measure your gains by regardless of body fat.

If you lose weight, you might lose some fat from your fat pad area and that would expose more cock shaft. But 18% body fat is not that excessive, so you might not experience much difference.

My regular non bone pressed is 5.75 so thats avg. So I should work to improve on my flaccid right?

Originally Posted by Imahustla
My regular non bone pressed is 5.75 so that’s avg. So I should work to improve on my flaccid right?

I don’t know. What are your goals? For example, a lot of guys will pick an erect size of 8X6 as their goal. PE will generally improve both erect and flaccid dimensions.

Yeah I want a 7.5x6

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