Correct measurements important

Hey guys, curiousity got the better of me and I decided to measure my penis after just a week of consistant PEing to make sure I wasn’t shrinking or anything :eek: (just something I thought of: if a penis need maintenence after a year to fight retraction, then maybe it can retract soon after starting to below its original length as a way of healing sudden stresses - silly, maybe, but worried me nontheless!).

Anyway, whilst doing the measurements I did actually think it looked a bit bigger than normal, but the readings I took surprised me.

I originally thought I was 6.5” BPEL x 4.5” EG around the shaft and 5” EG around the head. This is what I had written in my signature and taken from results I took a while before I started and had written in a spreadsheet, along with my workout plans. When I looked at those measurements again this time around I actually found my erect head girth to be 5.5”, but obscured by my own color-coded spreadsheet! :p Lucky me, a sudden girth increase (all be it just in writing) but my shaft girth was definitely 4.5”. This made more sense to me since my head does stick out quite far from my shaft and thinking about it does make me realise it should be ~1” more girth than my shaft (circumferences just confuse me!).

:spin: So good news there, but my measurements today made me even happier!:spin2: I found my erect shaft girth to be 4.6” and my head size 6” around! My BPEL is 6.6”. Improvements all round!

However, I have only been doing PE following a proper routine for just over a week so I doubt they are actually gains (unless its an immediate reaction to unusual - from my penis’ point of view - strain). So I put it down to not having measured my dimensions properly. This time I used the method to get my best “cheat” size as described by lovadus: - ????why is this??????????. Basically kegelling a number of times before measuring to get the penis filled to maximum (unassisted) erection.

The morals of this story?
1)Even erect measurements can be prone to substantial (in my eyes, and I guess most other PEers’ eyes too, since every bit of length counts!) mis-measurements. Especially head size - probably due to it being more malleable than CC in the shaft as Westla keeps telling those of us who want bigger glans.
2)I think it’s better to find out this sort of thing sooner rather than later into PE, otherwise I could have ended up measuring in a month and thinking my head size had increased by 0.5” girth, and then having higher expectations after that and just ending up disappointed.
3)This forum is just great! Not only does it give us knowledge about permanently increasing our members, but also “quick improvement” methods such as correct ways to measure! Already I feel a whole lot better about my dick - the power of 0.1” length and 0.5” head girth!:D

Thankyou all for all your combined knowledge! I’ll continue to use it for improving my most treasured possession. :boogie:

Start: 22 Mar 04: 6.5" BPEL x 4.6" EG & 6" head. As at: 1 Jan 05: 7.5" BPEL x 4.8-4.9" EG & 6.3" head.

Re-re-start!: 6 Feb 17: 6.9" BPEL x 4.9" EG & 5.5" head. As of: 23 Feb 17: 7.0" BPEL x 5.0" EG & 6.0" head.

Ideal: ASAP: 8+" BPEL x 5.5+" EG & 6.5+" head But will continue if the going is good!!