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Meaning of my measurements

Meaning of my measurements

Hey Guys,

I’ve been looking around Thunders for a thread trying to explain this but I’m having trouble, so I thought I’d just post a thread to see if anyone can help me.

So I’ve been PE’ing since about mid-December. I didn’t take measurements when I first started, so when I finally put on my signature, I guesstimated from the last time I remember measuring. Anyways, So when I first started out I was 5’ EG and somewhere around 6’ for NBPEL(Not precise on the NBPEL, but sure on G) and I could stretch my limp noodle out to 6.75’.

Now my measurements are 6.4 NBPEL, (6.8 BPEL), 5.3 EG, and I can stretch my limp noodle out to 7.5’.

So what does my flaccid length increasing correlate with my EL gains? Is it an indicator of certain gains to come? Thanks for the replies.

Luka-- Happy Gainings everyone! Start-Dec.14--BPEL-6.5 X EG-5 Current-BPEL-6.9 X EG-5.25 My Dick's true calling NBPEL-8 EG-6

Gains in FL usually come before gains in EL: however FSL is almost always longer than EL. Think “toy balloon”.


Hot air balloon, dirigible.

“Thread Hijackings-R-Us”, eh, Rams?


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