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My LOT is Low What now

My LOT is Low What now

My Lot is 6:00, That is frigging terrible. From what I Know this means there is no room For Ligament growth. So I move on to Tunica which I have no idea what this is or how to work it out. Stretching?

Relax, make sure you are doing the measurement correct. Look at Kog’s thread on LOT in the article forum and recheck everything. If your number is true., then Stretch/hang with upward angles for growth. Then your lot will go up and you can attck it by hanging/stretching down once it pops up.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

No I’m pretty sure it’s 6:o o so stretching upwards is the trick?

Yup, as the LOT thread specifies, you should probably stretch mainly at high angles.

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Hey lilshadow,

Don’t neglect the ligs all together though. Use Bib’s LOT findings as a guidline, not a rule. Do more upward stretching, but don’t stop pulling at low angles all together. Just my .02, and my opinion.


Oh OK don’t understand why pulling up makes a difference though

Don’t put too much emphasis on the LOT measurement. Start off with the suggested newbie routine and get you pecker used to being exercised. You can branch out to more specific things later. The LOT theory is a theory, not an absolute for everyone.

Originally Posted by westla
The LOT theory is a theory, not an absolute for everyone.

I’m skeptical of it myself. My experiences have not conformed at all to it, and as a basic anatomical theory, it really ought to apply to everyone if it were accurately describing the full situation, you know?

Nonetheless it seems that following the theory’s suggestions helps a lot of guys. You’ll find out for yourself, Lilsahdow915, as you move ahead with your program :) .

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Oh OK, But I mean it seem somewhat accurate.

Originally Posted by lilshadow915
Oh OK don’t understand why pulling up makes a difference though

Pulling up focuses the stretch more on the tunica and not the ligs. Since you said you have a low LOT this may be the most productive type of stretch. Take a look at Illustrations and Diagrams link in my signature and start to familiarize yourself with how you penis is put together. This will help a great deal. Understanding what you are doing and why it works helps with confidence and competence.

As westla and para said, the LOT theory is just that, a theory. Don’t accept it as gospel. It works for a lot of guys, but I think it doesn’t work for just as many. You need to figure it out if it works for you. I have started basing my stretching on where I feel the best “pull”, but that’s just me..


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