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My LOT: 6:30

My LOT: 6:30

OK, so I did the LOT clock check and (I expected it to be low as I have a downward curve and wore briefs till I was about 13, trust me, that’s a large impact when it comes to curves) as I expected, it was very low, a 6:30

Well, I have always admired in porn and in comparing with friends that some penises when erect (most or all) are bouncy and look strong compared to my erect penis (which has the illusion of being limp). From what I figure, a low LOT cause the upward-ness of a penis because of the tight ligaments, and a low LOT makes it look limp and point generally downward

So, my questions are:
1) Does the LOT truly effect the look of the erection like I theorized?

2) What is a good stretch/ whatever I can do to stretch the (thing on the opposite side of the ligaments, I forgot what it is called)?

I remember now, it’s tunica

How can I stretch my tunica?

1. No.

2. Jelq.

Fixing curves is “iffy.” Some say they have changed theirs, others say they try and try without success. Jelq using two hands with your thumbs in the top of the shaft and your fingers below (but not over the corpus spongiosum - the ridge on the underside). Squeeze your fingers toward your thumbs and move up the shaft toward the head while rotating your wrists toward your chest. That might help.

LOT is not important to newbies. Just pretend you didn’t read about it. You can look at it again in a few months.

Do manual stretches upward-that will stretch your tunica. Other than that, ignore LOT for now. I have a lot LOT but I don’t care and I’ve gained 0.25-0.5 inches in length (I didnt really measure too well in the beginning). I stretch all over the place, not concentrating on the tunica.

For newbies, just follow the newbie routine and condition your penis all over.

OK thanks guys

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