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My introduction

My introduction

Hello all.

My user name is Varg and I’m a lurkaholic.

I’m not exactly a newbie to P.E., but I’ve never been as motivated as I am now after frequenting this glorious site. I’ve read the forum guidelines, but if I screw up please let me know. I’ve done various P.E. throughout the years, which I hope to explain in detail when I start a routine and progress report, which for some reason I am unable to do right now. This site is by far the best free P.E. site I have ever found. It’s an absolute goldmine of compiled information from real people.

I started documenting my routine on my own computer for motivational reasons and hope to post it here sometime soon, where I would find intelligent critique and hopefully some good advice. I know it would also provide extra motivation for others to see when I slack off too much. I have read so much of all your personal stories and routines. It’s beyond simply inspirational. I have nobody in my life right now that I could actually talk to about my P.E. efforts and this forum seems like a great place to correspond with like minded people. I don’t want to go overboard with my first post, so I’ll end it here. Thank God for Thunder’s Place.

Welcome to Thunder’s varg!

You need to have 20 posts before you will be allowed to start threads in other forums. If you post a progress report in this forum, myself or one of the other mods will be glad to move it to the appropriate forum for you. Keeping a record of your routine is a great idea and will no doubt aid you in your PE efforts.

I’d also like to say welcome varg.
I agree Thunder’s Place is the best PE site period.
So much info and good people.
You gotta love it.


Hello and welcome!!:) I hope you enjoy your stay. Post a progress report, man. We all love reading them, to see what works and what doesn’t, and they’re great for motivation.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place, varg. I’m not one of the well-known guys here, but I believe that almost everybody who has stuck around for awhile and practices PE here will agree with the sentiments you expressed about the value of these forums. Checking in each day and reading the new posts, and sometimes chiming in like now, are part of my daily routine, and I really feel like I’m missing something when I have to miss a day or two.

I wish you lots of luck on your PE journey. The more you gain, the more you’ll love it here! You won’t find a more helpful, nicer bunch of guys anywhere, including Thunder himself.

I agree with bt. Progress reports and routines fron Newbies work as inspiration to all not just other Newbies.

Welcome aboard, its good to have you.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I really appreciate it.

I’ll post a routine/progress thread in this forum and hope that Insane or another mod will still move it to the correct forum. I’ve been serious in my PE efforts for only about 7 months but I’d say I’ve been semi-serious for almost 3 years. And for about 5 years before that, I just did very inconsistent manual work. Well before I knew of the correct terms and techniques. I’ll provide my info in the new post and try not to get too wordy.

Welcome and good luck

Belated welcome varg. I started PE some many years ago before my old gray beard and cane arrived from AARP. This site has definitely helped me and many others. Feel free to pester any of the old-timers here, most love to help. If none of them are available you can try asking me. Either that or I can give you Thunder’s home phone number - he just loves that. :D

Definitely keep a log and if possible take pictures. Sounds odd but when you make the first inch you won’t believe you had one that small. If not then make sure you write it down. Good luck and may the Gods of PE grant you success in your endeavors.


"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

Thanks Tom Foolery,

I doubt Thunder would want me to have his number, after some of the off subject ranting I’ve been doing in my routine/progress tread. Which after actually reading a few times myself, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to trying to stay on subject more. It’s supposed to be a PE forum after all.

If I have any questions that I can’t find answers by forum searches, I might be tempted to “pester” some old timers. I know there’s no such thing a stupid question, I just hate to bother people.

Thanks again,

good advice, i will keep track on my computer and make a file and keep my trackings every month, and yes this is by far the best site i also looked for other sites but did not find any good ones as this one, you take care.

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