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My PE opening post

My PE opening post

Hi Everyone,

I am new to PE and excited to get started. I have to admit it is very intimidating to even post when it seems like most the guys on here are starting at what my ending goal is, but here is my story.

I have always been self conscious of my size. Not just in the sense of my penis, but also my overall stature. I am always intimidated to get intimate with a women because my fear of being embarrassed or humiliated. I never thought I had any control over what my creator has given me until I stumbled across this forum. I currently sit at 5.5’ BPEL and 4 EG. I am surprised (and kinda relieved) to find out this is around average length, but I know my girth falls short of average. I have never had a woman directly bring up my size, or lack there of; but it has gotten back to me that they have made mention of my inadequacy. One of my biggest complaints is that I cannot wear a normal size condom as it tends to slip off very easily. To make matters worse I am very stocky and swimming has given me big thighs. This only makes my penis look that much smaller.

Bottom line is I’m ready for a change. I’m tired of being self conscious all the time and not being confident. I have all together quit approaching beautiful woman and making a first move. The worst part of a relationship for me is getting naked for the first time and waiting for that disappointing look on a woman’s face letting me know that I have the smallest of all the guys she has been with. To the guys that already have a big one I envy you as you will never know this depressing and humiliating feeling.

So here my PE journey begins. After reading this forum for hours on end and seeing some of the results you guys are having I was elated! I may have gone over board but I purchased an extender and a bath mate although I haven’t used either yet. I took before pictures today and did the newbie routine for the first time.

I look forward to being active on the forum and hopefully I can share a success story down the road when I start making some gains. Any advice or motivation is always appreciated. Thanks for listening.


Welcome Albinocavedweller. I’m going to give you just an advice: don’t be discouraged neither hurry up; being consistent and waiting for measurable changes without being tempted to raise intensity is the most difficult part of PE. Better to use less force than optimal for the first months than more force than needed, because the first kind of gap can always be corrected but the second one can stop the progress for months. Right choice to forget devices for now. Just try to learn the correct technique on exercises. You just did the newbie routine, how it felt? Did you had a good hang afterward? Many find that starting a progress report is helpful.

Wish you luch on your gains.

Albinocavedweller listen to marinera he is right and an honest person. Welcome to the the club .

Yeah I’ve been doing PE for a year and do to work and school I only do 3 days a week . Since cutting down to three days a week I have improved my FL length. It just stays engorged all day. It has me motivated. I can’t wait to see my gains 6 months from now .

Thanks for the feedback marinera. Yes it looked pretty swollen after I got done, but a good swollen of course. It almost seemed to easy! I plan to keep a consistent regiment and will make a progress report like you recommend to track my results.

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