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Post PE

Post PE

I’ve only been doing some jelqing & streching for about 2 weeks now in hopes of some enlargement of my 7.5”/5.5” unit. After about 30 - 45 minutes of my routine I have the strong urge to JO to the point of ejaculation. I’ve heard somewhere that this is not recomended post PEing. is this true & if so why? I also have a unique situation in that I am missing my index & long fingers on my right hand due to an accident in 1970, so needless tosay , I have since adapted to almost everything. I workout at a gym regularly & have a pretty fair grip with my right hand, considering, yet hte new practice of jelqing has thrown a curve at me. I have tried various grips & holds on my cock but am conserned as to developing an uneven aspect on any gains I might experience, or should I even expect any what with this impairment? Should I employ the use of any sort of device if there is such,ie. a cock ring? Thanks for your help fellas, if you can! I’m want to be as dedicated to PE as I am to bodybuilding so the drive to excel[& or enlarge] are there for this Newbie. Much Obliged, Oli

Welcome to Thunders, Oli

I have seen gains in girth and I’ve ejaculated many times after my PE sessions.

I don’t think your missing fingers should have a bad affect on your jelqing if you’re doing 2-handed, it will even itself out. Does the hand missing fingers get sore? I would imagine I could jelq with ring and pinky finger above my thumb and still get the blood trapped just as well.

It seems like a lot of guys swear by the power-jelq device, though.

Good luck with your gains.

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Welcome Oli,

As you become a more frequent visitor to this site, you’ll realize that these techniques are not set in stone. Meaning- what works for someone might not work as good for someone else. Some people gain fast and then plateau to smaller gains- others just gain very quickly and stop PE after about a year or more. Others just quit because they have not gained much at all.

The best way to figure out what works for you is to learn it through your own PE sessions. If you gain because you ejaculated post PE- then that’s what works for you (although I would at least wait an hour, I don’t know about you but my dick looks like a roll of cookie dough after a Jelq session and it needs to settle back down to normal again).

However, most people will recommend you not ejaculate immediately after a PE session. If you want, do a search for ‘edging’ or ‘edge’ meaning you come close to ejaculating, but hold it in so you have a little more blood flowing down there than normal. This has worked for gains for a few people- so definately something to consider.

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Look at the Power Jelq thread. When I joined Thunder back in 2001, jacking off after PE’ING WAS NOT RECOMMENDED. HOWEVER, A LOT OF THE OLDTIMERS HERE SAY (sorry, cap key got stuck) go for it, it doesn’t matter, even a doctor on the site says to enjoy your post-jelq jerk. Glenn

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