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Downwards bend in erection

Downwards bend in erection

My erect penis has a fairly substantial downwards bend. I’ll try to post a pic soon. I’ve searched thoroughly, read a few threads, and seen pictures here, of people with similar downwards-pointing erections. It’s slightly comforting to know I’m not alone, and great to finally have a few answers, but I still have a few questions to ask in order to better understand my situation.

I’m 21 now, and remember having this bend as early as age 12. The strange thing is, I also remember *not* having it when I was 11. It used to be fairly straight, with a slight upwards curve (maybe 15 degrees above horizontal). I told this to a urologist who I saw when I was 17. He said it would probably take a fairly major injury to cause a ‘sudden’ change, and that I would clearly remember such an injury. This made sense to me. Since I couldn’t recall such an incident, and was already very embarrassed about the whole thing, I decided I’d just live with it, and didn’t pursue it further.

But since I clearly remember my erection being different a short time before I first noticed the bend, my mind has never truly been at ease. The urologist only examined my penis while flaccid, which I was relieved about at the time, not wanting to have to get an erection in the presence of a total stranger. But now that I think back, how could he have had any idea of how bent it actually was, or been able to tell if I had something like Peyronies or Chordee?

Could my wearing briefs (as I still do) while growing up, and being overly eager to hide my erections as a kid, have been factors? I know a lot of guys here with downwards curves blame briefs, but I can’t see how that alone could have transformed my erection from almost-straight and upwards-pointing to bent (fairly sharply) and downwards-pointing. (Surely lots of other guys grew up wearing briefs without this result?) Could I have bent it too hard in an attempt to hide an erection, and noticed the pain but not understood the significance of what I was doing at the time?

It seems to function fine, but I have never had sex before. I’ve often worried that it’s ‘too flexible’ when erect, in that I can move it around in all directions without any discomfort. It seems to be a bit less ‘rigid’ at the base than what I have seen in porn, if that makes any sense. I understand that, to a certain extent, it needs to be able to go in all directions for different sex positions (right?), but I’m concerned that it might not be ‘hard’ enough for sex. It seems a bit prone to ‘folding’ at the bend when I ‘simulate’ vaginal penetration.

Should I see a second urologist and insist on a more thorough examination? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi levin,

If it was fairly quick, search on “peyronies”, but as this was during your sexual development it may simply be a result of that.

Dude, if a woman has a problem with it, to hell with her. I know a lot of women who love the downwards bend. They consider them special cause they are rarer.

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I remember watching a porn with Sunrise Adams blowing this guy in a office. His dick had a downward bend as well and really caught my attention. I never really saw a downward bend before.

But then I also realized his dick.

Oh well, back to jelqing.

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If it’s really worrying you, maybe seeing a doctor will ease those fears. That being said, I have a downward bend as well and I would take mine over a straight cock any day. I think it makes you feel bigger to a woman and you hit her g-spot really well when you come in from behind. I’ve worn boxers basically since I hit puberty so I don’t think underwear has much to do with erection angle.

Four helpful replies already. Thanks guys!

Weirdly, I woke up this morning feeling pretty good about myself, and totally relaxed about this ‘issue’.. Wondering ‘why the hell did I write all that shit last night?’ :) I’m stressed about a lot of other things in my life at the moment, which probably made me get overly emotional about this. I think I just needed to get it off my chest. I’ve always had a tendency to ‘bottle things up’ inside, and have been too embarrassed to talk to anyone about this since I was 17.. Which means I’ve probably worried about it for far too long.

I may see another doctor, but at this moment in time, I don’t really feel the need.

Thanks again. I’ll remember what you’ve all said if I ever feel glum about this again. :)

I was about to post a similar thread about this. I also have an arch or “n” shape in my erect state. I have never seen a doctor about this nor do I want to. Will jelqing upward or doing alot of kegal help to correct this. As levin said, the bend makes the penis every flexible and not as rigid as most penis I have seen the movies.

Reading this sounded oddly familiar too me.. Lol actually I remember that around the age of 12 I had a straight penis as well .. Then suddenly wham a curve upward! 0.o .. I was at first very worried about this, actually until about a year ago, and I never went to a doctor. Well I’ve learned that upward curves hit the G spot in missionary, while downward curves get it in doggy style. Also I have noticed a lessening of my curvature since I have started jelqing! I think I may want to get rid of a little more of the curve, but not that much more, because from what I hear, curves really are great for reaching that g spot, so my curved dick is a gift that I want to keep.

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RockXP- thanks. Glad someone else can relate to what I’m talking about.

Harrow- Interesting. Perhaps it’s a developmental thing? From memory, I gained a lot of size at around the age of 12. I suppose it’s reasonable to expect the shape to change if the size is changing.

And from what I have seen- admittedly, mostly in porn (which I suppose is not exactly representative of the masses)- upwards curves are really common, probably more so than totally straight erections. This makes sense, given the shape of the vaginal passage. This is why my downwards bend (and it’s a bend, not merely a curve) had me worried- I’d never seen another one like it until I found this forum (except in sites detailing Peyronie’s, which wasn’t exactly comforting).

It seems crazy to me that anyone would worry about an upwards one, but it seems that every guy finds something about their own to stress over. I just hope I can stay relaxed and stop thinking about mine when I next get intimate with a girl.

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