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More visible veins - a sign?

More visible veins - a sign?


I’ve jelqed and stretched for some 2 months now, well 1½ months consistently 3/1 days, 2/1 days….

I have also done some pumping, although they advise you wait further…
I feel no pain and no bruises, but only a good pump so I guess it’s ALRIGHT.

Now to the point:

I have not noticed any gains in length or girth, even measured…

Although, I’ve noticed the vein from base to the top has been more visible, more defined.
But that’s all..

Now, is that a “sisgn” that I’m about to gain soon? Or could it stay liek that for 3 months more without leading to gains?

Speaking of signs, are there other signs for fellow people to be aware of?

Increased veinage is a common sign that PE works, for more information check out this thread: Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!.

No one can predict how long it takes for you see any gains. There are even guys who had to wait for more than a year before they saw their first gains. Read some posts by SS4jelq for inspiration.

Finally, use the spell check next time :) .

Originally Posted by Exochico
Speaking of signs, are there other signs for fellow people to be aware of?

For me, the increase of NBPFSL is a sign of incoming growth, and I also use it as indicator if my routine works. So I do more such measurement than EL.

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