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More gains!

More gains!

With the recent addition of pumping and more careful monitoring of my PI’s; i’ve managed to gain 0.65” in girth and 0.3” in length since April. My stats are now:

7.2 BPEL (very little fat pad) 5.35 Girth. I get the feeling I should feel much happier about that size than I do? Oh well… the quest continues. :D

I’m just about the same size. Said I would stop at 7 but it seems PE is addicting. I think the limit depends on your partner.

Congrats on the gains and good luck!

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

Sounds like it’s going swimmingly. What’s your routine there Sophomoric?

Make sure that you don’t get cocky and overdo-it now, would suck to injure yourself now! :)

And what was your routine also to get such good girth gains?

My routine:

I currently do very little in the way of stretching (twice a week) I normally do 5x 30 second stretches (which I guess is why i’ve only gained 0.3 in length, but: it isn’t really my intention to put on a lot of length.


5-6 minutes warm up with a near scalding wash cloth (it’s possible to ride the “edge” of your pain tolerance, without doing any damage to yourself)

I do 20 V grip Jelqs at 85% erection, to target my Corpus cavernosum. I then follow this with 20 over hand ok grip Jelqs at 85% erection (crucial to find a balance where you’re doing them lightly enough to avoid detrimental stress, whilst applying enough pressure to create expansion)

I then pump for 20 minutes, 2x 10 minute sessions - using a pressure of 3.5HG; I see this as a form of traction, for the expansion i’ve created with the previous Jelqs (get into the pump as quickly as possible)

I keep my pump heated with a wash cloth (but now a heat pad) and don’t do a warm down at all.

My recent success really has just been honing my senses and self-control to allow my unit full recovery from exercise. A lot of people say: 2 days on 1 day off or: 1 day on 1 day off… I just exercise as soon as my unit is displaying full health once again.

PI’s I watch for closely:

Easy and frequent erections, when my unit is recovered, just the way it feels seems to be enough to cause spontaneous erections often.

Super spongy, low hanging flacid

Morning wood.

Unexplained increase in testosterone levels (not measured just observed)

As soon as these factors come together, I literally jump on the chance to exercise (as I find it hard to avoid doing them often)

I’m also a very obvious example of a “less is more” person, so following my routine will undoubtedly be pointless for most of you :D

My pump is made by redline, tube size is 2.25, has a gauge; seems to work perfectly well, cost roughly: 60$

Wow! Good gains man!

Congratulations Sophomoric on your gains - a well deserved reward for your intelligent approach to PE. I note that you determine workout and rest days by carefully observing PI’s; on average how many days on and off does this equate to in your experience?

When i’m not experimenting with upping my routine; 1 day on, 1 day off is roughly the pattern I fall into. I rarely ever do girth work: 2 days on 1 day off - my unit just can’t cope with it.

In saying that: I exercised today after a 3 day break, cause: trying to pump for 30 minutes total :P

Very good informative post. I like your PE thought process. Congrats on the gains.

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