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Modified Two Way Stretch

Modified Two Way Stretch

I was reading about this. “They” say to grab down by the base and the other just below the gland and pull apart. What if you put one hand at your base (ok grip) and the other ok grip right next to your other hand and pull. Then move up the shaft slightly, and pull again. That way you are working each little section of your shaft instead of it as a whole? This has worked wonders while fulcrum stretching at 90 deg angles for girth. Anyone tried these small stretches instead of the one big one?


Good point. How long would you have to hold the stretch at each point? I hold my two ways for 40 seconds each, I don’t want to take 5 minutes to do 1 stretch. But I like the way you think. I’m just trying to think and I can’t decide if the original two way stretch is targeting the entire penis, or simply the middle of the stretch? If it targets the entire penis, then you wouldn’t have to work individual parts of the penis, but if the stretch is only stretching the middle point, then this exercise is something I would like to try.

Has anyone else thought of this?

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