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MIssed My workout Yesterday

MIssed My workout Yesterday

If I do my workout right now, which is 7 am pver here, and then do another one later tonight to make up for yesterday, would that be fine?

Sometimes I’ll work out the night before almost midnight, then the next morning when I wake up, I’ll do the pe set for that day. I see this the same as what I’m tryna do right now.

Reason being I want to do this because I have been missing out on too many workouts this month.

I am not quite sure it works that way. Days are just a perception, they dictate nothing. Your body does not reset once it hits midnight. If you exercise, eat, or do something else at 11:59pm, you won’t have the energy to exercise, and you won’t suddenly feel hungry, at 12:01 am.

The best thing is to keep consistent. You can never make up for a workout, but being consistent in the future will be the best thing you can do. Essentially, you can’t cram with PE workouts. Just like with studying, it won’t work.

Problem solving with fire.

It’s better to rest too much than too litle when it comes to PE.

In my experience, doubling down on a session is not a good idea. Same concept applies to regular gym work.

Missed a workout yesterday, next workout should I double my weight or reps? Probably not. Should I do another session closer than normal? Leads to muscle strain.

Life happens. Just flex the schedule so it is easier to be consistent in the future. That works better and safer.

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Thanks guys for all the advice

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