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Mine seems shorter after jelqing

Mine seems shorter after jelqing

Hi All,

I’m completely new to PE.

I’ve been jelqing - correctly, in my opinion - for about 5 days now. I’ve watched a few videos, read a few articles/posts and thought about it a bit before embarking on this technique. I don’t squeeze too hard and I have been doing it for about 15 minutes a day (4 seconds per stroke).

I didn’t take measurements before I started because I thought I was just trying it out. Now, I can’t help feeling my flaccid length is already a little shorter! The girth seems to have improved though. Please please please tell me that this is a somewhat common occurrence and that normal length will be attained soon.

I’ve had sex just once during these 5 days since I started. Again the gain in girth was visible with an erection, but not so sure about length.

Can anyone please help me with some advice?


Thanks, kickinthemebs. I’ve just spent the last hour going through the Newbie section and the routine. Learnt a lot there.

Sorry I couldn’t find PI or NI in the glossary, so I do not know what you mean.

Also with EQ I don’t know if there are stats that I should know about. For now I’ll just describe it - Erection is good, especially when with my woman. Its not so good when I play on my own. During sex, its hard and it stays until I’m done. I do need to be able to delay ejaculation a bit longer, but I think kegels will help me there.

Just found the post on PI - I’ll read up and get back.

Ok, I think I might have overdone it :)
As with all the other stuff here, the posts on PI and EQ are great.

I will have a rethink about the amount of force used and duration but I think for now I just need some R&R.

Also will use warm wraps before and after.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

1) Take your measurements now (you’re pretty much size-wise where you were before you started).

Take them after a few days of NO PE (for accuracy’s sake)

2) Forget the subjective thing of what it ‘looks’ like. Measurements are the key.

Think about it this way: I just jelqued and my girth looks crazy!! The flip side of that is, as the girth dimension seems to increase (or does temporarily), the perception of length does not correspondingly increase. “OH NO, I SHRUNK THE KID” or something like that. Didn’t happen; it’s just a misperception.

Again, measure and go by that. Always allow a few days to get an accurate measurement. I believe some guys measure right after PE and, sorry, but that is just not a consistent condition that can be replicated properly each time. It is not a proper control.

Best of gains to you, Hasta.

Many thanks Buster, your advice on perception is spot on! I realise that an increase in girth might make it look shorter, but I’m sure it was actually shorter when I first posted.

Here’s what happened since my last post.

First night since my post, no nitewood or morning wood. For me, that confirmed the over-training bit. So I left it alone the whole of the next day.
Second night got some nitewood and good enough morning wood. Still not the best, since I know I usually get harder morning wood. I also realised during the day that my length is back to normal. Girth still seems better than before though.

This is the third night - I.e. At least 48 hours of no training at all and I’m going to wait until tomorrow before I resume.

Now for the perception bit. As I sat down on my bed with my trusty laptop - to put my experiences down here - I read your post and decided to give the little fella a peek to see how it’s doing. Shock/horror, it seemed shorter again!! The penny dropped - my POSTURE was affecting my perception too.

When I’m sat in this (slightly slouched) position, my pecker is positioned such that its naturally pointing at the ceiling. In its flaccid state it slightly “sinks” down on itself hence appearing shorter. Now when I stood up, it appeared normal.

But 2 days ago it appeared shorter even when I stood up - so definitely over-training there.

I’ve take measurements now that I’m back to normal.

Thanks once again.

Two things. Shock to the penis from pe makes it turtle cause it is not used to this kind of treatment and the little sucker tries to protect itself.. Every new guy might witness this. Secondly overdoing it can make your penis turtle. All is normal. All is fine. Just give it time and take it slowly.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

As mentioned above by Bill10, heavy shock to the unit can pull it into recoil phase for healing. It sounds like it was getting hammered a bit. We want to push the penis, but not so much that it recoils like crazy. In a related vein, the concept of ADS - all-day stretch(er) - is that the penis is kept out of any type of turtling (some of which is normal), to heal in an extended state. but when it is damaged or over-trained, we wouldn’t want to do that. When over-trained, the goal is to recover and then proceed wisely.

So to sum up, avoid blasting it, esp while you are new. Go slow and get to know both your unit’s reactions and how PE feels/works. Like this: remember learning to drive? There is this healthy fear that we go into it with, that we could kill ourselves or someone else if we go hogwild on the accelerator before we learn how driving works and feels. Same thing with your pud.

Learning the concepts and feel of over-training is an essential bit of knowledge; sometimes learning about injury is, too. Regaining morning wood is a great sign of healing.

You should be fine.

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