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After comparison of palms up and palms down jelqing.....

After comparison of palms up and palms down jelqing.....

I’ve found that palms down jelqing is more effective. Palms up positioning does not seem to get in as far in the direction of the pubic bone as palm down positioning does. I at first thought that palms up jelqing delivered a bigger pressure to the head resulting in a more swelled appearance - something desirable - a greater stretch to the head in 3d. I think it does do this only because you are trapping some blood with a shorter stroked jelq, especially with the swifter strokes. But I’ve found pain centered around a vein near my balls consistently doing this shorter stroked palm up jelqing. I think it is from some pressure being sent toward the balls due to a not from the base squeeze start. I’ve now done palms down jelking for a couple days and not only has the pain in the vein subsided but my dick looks as swelled and big as ever.

So, I would recommend palms down jelking over palms up in general. I think one must just be careful with the pull pressure. I can really fell the blood travel as I start from the very base outward towards the head.

I’m just sharing this because I made a quick to judge post suggesting palm up jelqing was more effective for me for whatever reason. Maybe it is for some people but after trying both myself the hard way (he), I’ve learned that palms down allows for more dig, but maybe less control of pull (pull can be intense). Still, the dig gets the job done - just be careful.

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After the pain in your vein goes away try doing it both ways
I switch off I start with palm downs and than switch back and fourth. If the pain comes back than just stick with what don’t hurt.
I find it’s easier to maintain an erection with palms up



Palms up brings me pain. It does keep me harder longer easier but invariably it brings me pain near the testicles. I’ve looked at it closely and I think it is blood being forced back on that vein towards the base stressing something. Palms down allows me to go ahead of it into the base so it becomes a part of the blood flow instead of just getting tortured. I’ve also found that my dick swells all around a lot more with palms down. I took a few before and after pictures and the difference is dramatic. So, for me, I’ll stick with palms down to get more blood involved, avoid pain and to swell it up more hopefully creating more growth.

Up and Down

I reckon that Down gives much greater pressure, but Palms Up has the advantage of allowing you to exercise the shaft from much lower down — a good couple of inches that gets nothing palms down.

Therefore “both” is best.

I get much lower down the base with palms down than up. With palms up you got fingers in the way. Even if you flay them out (your fingers), which would probably give you carpal tunnel pretty quickly because of the poor angle, palms up can’t get in there for that extra inch. Palms down allows you to start the jelq much farther in than palms up. You can really start the jelq bone pressed palms down while palms up doesn’t allow for it fluidly at all. I don’t see what you mean. How do you get xtra anything with palms up? It seems to me like you lose at least one inch of dick like that.

I agree that palms down that it gives you that “plumped” appearence, but it really stresses out the end half of the fingers. At least thats my problem, I don’t know if you experience that yourself. But palms up seems to fill you up better, but with less of a “runway”. If I’m wrong please correct me.

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I’m confused..

You mean a “reversed palm down” grip correct?? Your thumb and forefinger is closest to your fat, while your pinky is farthest away. Kind of like how your hand looks while drinking from a bottle at your mouth.

That’s the way I see it too haha. And that’s how I do it. I can do longer strokes this way and have a better control.

(Man, that’s an old thread)

Funny, I just noticed Tragedy dug this up from the grave now :)

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