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Measuring after session does it matter at all?

Measuring after session does it matter at all?

Hey guys, bringing some exciting news!! I measured 6.3” BPEL up from 6” in less than 2 weeks! I measured with 1 hour after my Jelqing session(when I reached my 100% arousal level), I’m concerned if this is just an effect of measuring after session or is clearly an improvement?

Though measuring after a session is potentially a way of gauging the effectiveness of a session, it’s no indication of gains. I say potentially because some people seem to measure less after a session.

For the best idea of gains, you should take two rest days before your measurement.

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Depends if the expansion is mostly due to fluid buildup or filled out expansion beyond its former limit.

PE exercise is surely able to expand the tissue beyond its elastic limit. If you are then able to fll that expansion with blood so to speak then it is surely a good thing.
This is what I always aim for to fill in the expansion I created as often as possible after the exercises.

Its like blowing up a baloon beyond its limit to get it bigger but then you only fill it with the old possible amount.

At some point such measurements will show up more often.
It at least shows you what is possible. I dont think that its already a gain.

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