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Intro, measuring and maintaining erection, loss of feeling

Intro, measuring and maintaining erection, loss of feeling

Hello friends,

I have been in and out of these forums for a few months just reading and thought I would join and quickly introduce myself. I started doing PE just a few days ago. Admittedly, I am a tad skeptical but all in all I do believe many of the members of this board and their gains are genuine. I am happily married to my wife of 10 years and we have 4 kids together. We are in our early-mid 30’s and we do have great sex and always have. She has had many partners and some have been very large. I know she is happy with my tool, but of course she would enjoy more sometimes if nothing else for the novelty, but really I am doing PE because like most men I would like a bigger penis! I guess the only thing that I can honestly say has ever bothered me just a little is my flaccid size, it can get quite short and stubby looking which, you know, does not make me want to go dancing around the locker room naked. I guess I am a ‘grower’ though some more growth would be nice.

I have purchased and received the Phallosan Forte, and I have a Bathmate coming, and I have been doing jelqing as well.

Now, I have done some measuring but want to take very accurate initial measurements and even some videos or at least good pics to document my journey but I am having a problem, and maybe someone else has had the same issue. It is proving very difficult for me to hold a ‘raging boner’ long enough to take good measurements, pics and especially video at peak erection. It’s like my dick knows it’s in the spotlight and the cameras and measuring tapes are just not a big turn on. I do have sex etc. Quite a bit and maybe less of that would help, also I don’t watch porn - I think if I still did it might make it easier but anyhow I have committed to no porn so that is not an option. I think I will obtain some Viagra today for the purpose of measuring, that’s the best I can think of other than abstaining for awhile.

Yesterday I wore the Phallosan for about 8 hours, pretty tight, in the yellow indicator. Tried to have sex last night, and wow it was awful. My wife didn’t even orgasm - or even close as we just gave up, and she does orgasm almost every time - without toys. I basically could not get fully hard, and without going into more detail I’ll just say it was pathetic. Now I know it had something to do with the PE, but I am REALLY INTERESTED to know what experienced PE’ers have to say about sensitivity changes post PE. I am sure everything will be back to normal today, or shortly - I have really injured my penis before when I ‘broke’ it after and loud snap during sex from bending it down too much and even then it returned to normal although it sticks out straight now rather than up. Still, I am definitely apprehensive about any ill-effects of a long term PE routine.

I intend to take official measurements and pics and maybe vids later, especially to try and get precise girth measurements. Measurements I have taken thus far are about 4.5” BPFL, 6.25” BPEL, 5.7-6” MG, 6-7” BG, not sure if that will change if I can maintain it fully hard during measuring. I thought I previously had measured it at 6.5” at midsection, but now I am thinking perhaps I took that measurement farther down toward the base as I didn’t know as much about measuring then, or maybe even at the base. Anyhow I will post stats, pics and goals later.

Anyone think measuring with Viagra is not a good idea for some reason? My thinking is I can pop one every time I measure, to ensure I am very likely to be comparing apples to apples.

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Got viagra, had sex, good sex, but afterward I could feel some pain. At least I know I am breaking down tissue, I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was working. Unfortunately was mid-day and no time for pics especially after the pain — pain wasn’t bad I am just not used to having pain there so kind of freaky. Did get some measurements, it did go up some fully hard but going to wait until I have some time to do all the measurements and pics, I really want to be able to compare a before and after alongside something recognizable, maybe a toilet paper roll and ruler for the length shot. A little apprehensive now about getting hard again too soon.


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