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Manual stretching not for me need help

Manual stretching not for me need help

Manual stretching ain’t good for me and I am looking to replace it in the newbie routine.
Anyone could suggest something else? I am now jelqing with warm up and warm down

My goal is to gain girth so I was wondering what could go well with jelqing
But still pretty easy cause like I said I’m in the newbie routine.

Thank you all!


Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

Bed Fowfers.

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I think you should always do stretching for efficient gain.

Doing exercises for both length and girth is beneficial for gain in any of them. At least this was form me in gaining girth. I was doing clamping for no results. My erection quality got reduced. I began stretching again. I began to see result in my girth and erection.

I think stretching is very good exercise for increasing elasticity of the tissues. This may help gain in other directions.

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Originally Posted by ukelberry
Manual stretching ain’t good for me …………..

May I ask why?

I agree with you asnoman jelqing alone never did much for me but improve erection quality but since I have add clamping and jelqing to my stretching regimen my penis looks fuller and hangs lower. The wife says she noticed a big difference in the size last time we had sex and asked if I was doing something difference. I use her as my ultimate gauge on if it’s getting bigger.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

I don’t know marinera I just feel I’m hurting myself I must be doing something wrong.
If I only jelq it’s ok but if I add stretch after a few day my erection is going down.

Any tip would be appreciate

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

You’re using too high intensity. Manual stretching has to be gentle the first times.

Especially avoid a too tight grip. Remember: time count more than force.

Hanging maybe could replace MS, but require much more time to be effective, and has a longer learning curve.

Idon’t know about you guys but the way the video shows, he’s Ok gripping when manual stretchng seems pretty hard. I mean the force he uses to pull his dick seems very powerful. ANd I don’t know how to stretch without grabbing behind your gland really hard. Otherwise it’ll slip.

Perhaps you are stretching to hard.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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