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BIB Hanger useful for manual stretching

BIB Hanger useful for manual stretching

First off, hi there. I haven’t made too many posts thus far simply because I was examining the board and trying out some stuff. Well, now I have a routine that I want to try soon, but another question hovers above my head waiting to be answered.

While trying to formulate a routine that I would stick to, I tried numerous exercises. One of which was manual stretching; probably one of the most basic and integral exercises for getting a longer unit, no? After my very first stretch session I said to myself, “That was hard and I barely finished, but tomorrow I’ll be more used to it.” It seems that that wasn’t the case. After every session my hand would be more fatigued and my dick head would look absolutely demolished (not beyond repair, of course :P) It got to the point where this building fatigue disinterested me in the exercise as a whole. I hate to say it but I took the bitch way out. Now I want to get back into it, but this time I am taking precautions to make sure I am not setting myself up for failure. So, here is my question that I hope will help me succeed in this exercise.

Are there any manual stretching aids out there? Example: I was thinking of using the bib hanger without weights. It seems like it would provide great grip and easier stretching of my unit. I would simply find an area of the hanger to pull and pull it. So, given that example, is there anything out there that can do what my example speaks of?

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

Bib’s hanger is heavy in its own right and bulky and it has sharp-ish edges. Unless you get it aligned correctly, it can pinch skin or clamp down on veins that you don’t want messed with while stretching. You’d still have to exert some manual effort to pull your dick, but it wouldn’t be as much as by hand alone because of the weight of the device. The part that would put even stress on the hanger, and thus your penis, is the “s” hook at the end of the strap. To apply the stretch force to that part would mean you’d have to reach out with your arms to do it which would reduce the effectiveness of the pull.

So, overall I’d say it would be a waste of money unless you actually planned to use it as a hanging device later. Even then it isn’t designed for pulling the dick in any direction other than straight up, down or out. Most guys like to do manual stretches in five directions including to the left and right. I’m not saying it wouldn’t actually work, it’s just the wrong instrument for what you want to do.

Most guys experience hand fatigue when they first start doing manual stretches. It just takes some getting used to. You can get a better grip by using Kleenex, paper towels, rubber gloves or a piece of latex to keep things from slipping out of your fingers. You can reduce problems with the glans (head) by gripping with your thumb toward your body and grasping the glans in your hand. Squeezing the blood out of it before you start pulling will keep it from getting the damage you’ve experience in the past. You can also switch arms every other set.

Originally Posted by westla90069
You can reduce problems with the glans (head) by gripping with your thumb toward your body and grasping the glans in your hand.

Westla, I know you have great knowledge about the anatomy, but I’m still curious grasping the glans in my hand won’t damage the nerve?

The nerves most guys are concerned about run along the top of the shaft:

Damage to these nerves is most likely to occur when they are compressed against erect corpora cavernosa. Flaccid stretching or grasping the glans usually won’t involve these nerves.

Sorry, I mean the nerve in glans.

Nerves are most susceptible to damage when they are bundled together. The glans has a fine network of nerves, just like the skin and other parts of the body, and compression of the glans for the few minutes required for manual stretches shouldn’t cause any damage. Prolonged compression, of course, would be a different story. But for manual stretches it’s safe to grasp and squeeze the glans.

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