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Devices I can use besides hands for manual stretching

Devices I can use besides hands for manual stretching

Hi everyone,

Been doing the newbie routine for 2 weeks, everythings going fine except for the manual stretching, I keep trying to use an overhand OK grip gripping about half an inch to inch behind the glans like recommended while pulling the loose skin back but when I start the stretch my hand ends up right behind the rim of the glans regardless and the glans ends up getting scrunched by the pressure of my grip pushing forward on them, have read here this can cause injury, I’ve tried gripping really tight, kegeling blood into the glans, toilet and tissue paper, baby powder, gloves and they don’t help, my grip moves up against the glans no matter what so I would like to know if there are any devices that I can use for manual stretching besides my hands so I can avoid this, possibly one of the devices used for hanging perhaps? Please let me know any options I may have. Thanks

man·u·al [man-yoo-uhl] –adjective

1. done, operated, worked, etc., by the hand or hands rather than by an electrical or electronic device: a manual gearshift.

I know of no devices except the all day stretch things and they apply a light continuous tension. With the manual exercises you’re supposed to put concentrated. heavy-duty traction for short periods. It’s OK to compress the glans for the short time you’re doing a manual stretch. When you use your overhand grip and grasp just behind the glans with your thumb and first finger, wrap the remaining fingers around the glans and squeeze it. This three finger grip should keep things in place and won’t hurt you even if you don’t let go between pulls.

Although, I don’t have one, this:

seems like it would work manually, while not directly using the hands.

Jason, I have the same problem as you. Here’s what I do: I grab the penis halfway up the shaft, not so close to the glans. The skin stretches a lot, and by moving my hand back so much, I end up where I’m supposed to end. My only problem with my stretches is that my index fingers, thumbs, and wrists are all much too sore when I’m done.

I stretched in hotbath tub, it helped me a lot. Now I use an homemade extender to replace my hand, I can stretch longer time.

I use a cotton hanes tshirt, well part of one while I manual stretch. In fact I’m pausing to give you this post lol. Works well for me. I believe (tho I am a newb) that it’s not a big deal to be pressing the head for short periods of time.. I always let go and check for discoloration every four or five stretches. I also find the BTC (between the cheeks) stretch to be effective.. It takes a few tries to find the right placement, the first time I tried I was like never again. After you find your grove it’s comfortable, I hold for 10 minutes under each cheek.

Best of luck

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