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Low LOT, no gains, help

Low LOT, no gains, help

I’m having a very low LOT at around 5. Therefore my routine only consisted of 10 - 12 upward stretches for 4 times a week. I continued this for around 3 months consistently but I didn’t gain any. So I’m trying to find the approximate time requirements for low LOT people for gains. If you have any experience like this please let me know.

Thank you

What is your ful routine. Its been widely said here that LOT is just a theory. Point is if you haven’t gained your intensity is just not enough.

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What is LOT sorry ? I’ve tried searching and I can’t find a thing .

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There is a guide for “newbies” on FAQ’s and LOT is one of those questions. Read the “quick start guide to manual exercises” and you will find that most of your questions will be answered.

Originally Posted by borntodoit
What is LOT sorry ? I’ve tried searching and I can’t find a thing .

Really? Nothing? I find that very hard to believe.

I used the search button, top right of every page, entered “LOT” as the search term, and limited it to “titles only” and found nearly 500 threads. Searching for ANY thread with the word “LOT” or “lot” in it nets over 21,000 threads. Why did you have so much trouble?

Anyway, here are two important ones:
Bib’s LOT Theory 101
Testing LOT Theory

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