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Lots to take in

Lots to take in

Hello everybody, another newbie!! They just keep on comi.. Better change that to arriving!!

Been looking at this mass of information for a few days and finally it’s time to make a contribution.

I have a modest size of around 6.5” or so I thought before I found this forum?? What I’m confused about is the whole measuring thing. I realise BPEL is bone pressed erect length and I can work out most of the other abbreviations (I’m sure there’s a list of them somewhere?)

What I’m finding is that after only a week or so I appear to be at 7.25”. Most of you will say that I was clearly measuring myself wrong before but believe me over the past few years no matter how hard I tried I could never get the magic 7” on the ruler.

With BPEL do you push the ruler back as far into your flesh as you can or just take up the slack or?! Being quite slim I don’t have to push it back too far to hit hard stuff.

I realise that my wang is probably in a pretty confused state right now with all the attention he’s been getting and could well be lying to me but I’m hoping he’s not!!

I am hoping to reach 8” as I already have reasonable girth of 5.75” mid shaft.

Look forward to meeting some of ya

With BPEL you push in as far as you can into your pubic bone at the top of your dick. Welcome to Thunder’s and good luck.

Good luck at reaching your goals.

Go for it man! You are already pretty close it seems, I’m sure you can get there.

Thanks very much for the intros and cheers thunder ss for the glossary I knew I’d seen it somewhere but couldn’t re-find it.

Now knowing how to measure it appears that I am starting with 7” which is not a bad place to start I suppose.

I’m guessing that when you start doing these exercises if you measure straight afterwards you’re gonna get a slightly false reading as I never got 7” before when I measured before starting PE.

Haven’t seen my girl for 2 weeks so it’ll be interesting to see if she notices.

Lookin forward to some good progress and meeting some cool people

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