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Guaranteed to work, it did for me! Lots of Lig pops. Use at your own risk!!!

Guaranteed to work, it did for me! Lots of Lig pops. Use at your own risk!!!

Guaranteed to work, it did for me! Lots of Lig pops. Use at your own risk!!!

I have wanted both erect and flaccid increase, I have had a off on love affair with pe. I have as of late been focusing on stretching and have noticed a dramatic increase in flaccid size (hang and width), with minimal effort. ie once or twice per week.

Now please bear with me as I try to explain this procedure, since I have no idea concerning medical terms or names.

The exercise I use the most besides kregals (driving to and from) work is as described…

With your left hand grip the tip of your penis, pull it straight out, now with your right hand slide the skin back, focusing your attention on the right hand, the grip increases as you slide the skin towards the body (away from the head) at first the grip is mostly the fore finger and the thumb, now slide / press towards the body as far as you can, you will have your finger and thumb tight against your scrotum….Now grip with as many of your fingers of your right hand as possible pushing back your testicles even further as you try to include as all five fingers.

Now wrap your left hand around your right hand, (both thumbs are on top facing up), squeeze real hard, now with knees slightly bent, push legs together squeezing your hands, (the same as when someone wraps their legs around your torso). Now start to pull real hard, increasing the pressure more and more with your legs against your hands Watch / Listen / and Feel for Lig pops..

This is real important…..There is a place about mid shaft where you feel a bundle (it seems where the ligs attach?) If you stay behind that bundle the pull feels totally different than if you go past it and end up pulling from the end (head) of the penis.

I have also found girth from this??? Don’t know why…Also about 50% of the time I do kregals while holding this stretch, possibly that accounts for the width increase?

Try it…Best of Luck..

Are lig pops a good thing?

Interesting technique, Rodo

How long do you hold each stretch? How many stretches do you do at a time. How long have you been doing them and what sort of gains do you attribute to them? Sorry for all the questions but I’m sure lots of other guys would like to hear the answers as well as me:)

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I can hear it now… “The Rodo Rooter” * :D

Lig pops are not necessarily good or bad, nor do they mean you’ll have gains if you hear them. There are several threads about them here and yet not consensus on their meaning (not surprising). This sounds like a fun way to tear something and not in a good way.

* If you live outside the US you may not get the joke.

I’m from US and don’t get the joke.

I don’t get the exercise but I’m glad it’s working for you

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I don’t get it.

Rodo, are you cut? How far do you stretch? Do you use gloves? Please be more specific.

PS. itsgotime: who is that in your avatar? :D

Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice

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Originally Posted by illpo
I’m from US and don’t get the joke.

It’s just a click away :rolling: even for those from outside of the U.S. ;)

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

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Never heard of the roto-rooter? Wow, that’s like not knowing about Disney World.

What’s Disney World?


I was waiting for the punch line. “Then you should be close enought to kiss you ass.”

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