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LOT Question

LOT Question

Ok I read that whole thinkg about LOT. Got me confused a bit. So basically to check what my LOT is I just have to get errection, then kegel and see where my dick points ?
If not.I`ll read it all over again.


Ok let me get this again. So I stretch my falcid penis just a bit.. And kegel and if I can see movement on the bottom of the shaft means that I can lift the penis up bit more and kegel again and see if it still moves. So if it does not move anymore means that I went too far so my LOT would be somewhere in between last and this position right ?

Got it. Thanks Thunder

Who found the LOT theory? Any proof that LOT is scientific from the medical or biological view point? I am a bit confused about LOT.

Thunder, thanks for the threads.

Originally Posted by gerrykjohnsons
I think you need to stretch and jelq, period, whatever your LOT — but then again, I may be ignorant.

Or correct

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