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A question about my LOT

A question about my LOT

I’m new here and been reading quite many threads and articles.

I read the article about a LOT and can’t find mine. I tried to find it like it says in the article but it seems that I got either 6:00 or 12:00. It’s hard when it’s 6:00 but it still moves. In 12:00 same thing but it moves alittle more I think. In other positions I can make my dick move easily.

So is it 6:00 because then it moves the least? Does that mean I have no future in PE (atleast without doing it for yeeeeeeeeears).

Or I don’t have a LOT?

Bib’s LOT Theory 101

This is the best over all explanation of it. It does way better than what I could ever tell you.

If English is the problem with the description, Private Message Base and he can tell you in your own language.

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