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Lost Length

Lost Length

I was almost done with my Pe session decided to measure , I started 6.78 BPEL and I I measured 6.5 BPEL
Wtf Pe Hurt me , Is it Just Me or is MY Penis Just Worn out after MY session, Here is my session I do 5 days on, 2 days off , 4th week now

10- 15 min Manual Stretching
30-45 min Wet Jelq
5-15 Jelq Squeeze/Girth Blasters (started middle of 2nd week)
5-8 Horse 440’s (added 3rd week)
Kegels during the day

IS there something Wrong for me to Measure Smaller over almost month of Pe?

I have Noticed My flaccid length is longer and meatier looking

It depends when you are measuring. Usually for a day or so after a PE session it will suffer from smaller erections and, although I don’t know the science part, it’s mainly due to your penis being in repair mode due to the internal damage caused by the PE (although this is a good thing, same as muscle building, it should come back bigger and stronger.)

To get an accurate reading you should measure after a two day rest with no PE at all. So assuming you PE Monday to Friday make your measurement night a Sunday. However, I add the caveat that you shouldn’t measure too often, otherwise you’ll just get disheartened if it seems to take too long.

If you are measuring after a break, it could mean you are doing something wrong. For a start, you seem to be doing a lot of serious girth work. Horse 440s are particularly extreme and being a relative newbie you should maybe take it easy with the intense stuff for a couple of months or so. The other thing that it may be is that seeing as you are doing all these intense girth exercises your cock may have traded some length for girth. When I first started on my girth routine I lost 1/4” length, but gained 1/4” girth.

Thats it for now. The most important thing is to listen to your cock, if it’s having trouble ease off or give it a rest.


I’d concur with the “repair mode” statement, watch your flaccid state, the penis needs to heal very relaxed in my opinion, if after a session your flaccid state is smaller than normal, you might be overdoing it.

Ive spent a ton of time on this site reading advice from more experienced PE’s and from the sounds of it, I think your workouts are too intense for only a month into it. I commend you for your dedication and effort though.

The gist I get from the more experienced people on here is to go slow and work up gradually. The Newbie routine (more mild workout) should last for at least 6 weeks, and it sounds like your already into more advanced excersises 4 weeks into it.

Im a pretty involved weight lifter, and I can say from experinece that when I work out too much too often, I actually become weaker or dont make any gains. How much sleep are you getting as well? Sleep and good diet are very important with weight training, and probably important with PE as well. Good luck bro!

Current:3/31/2004 NBPEL----7.0" Base EG---5.25 Midshaft 4.8125

Start: 10/15/2004 NBPEL----5.9375" Base EG--5.0625" Midshaft 4.625

Well, I have noticed my girth is Noticeable bigger then when I started though, and my flaccid hang is lot bigger on girth and length
So I cannot complain there,I have no soreness at all when doing girth exercises, Ill measure myself again after this weeks session, thanks for clearing that up.

P.S Also Have done some edging In my workouts , will it affect anything? I usually Edge about 6 times.

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