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Losing girth from jelqing if you ADS.

Losing girth from jelqing if you ADS.

I read a sentence while reading thru all the threads that you would lose girth if you gained length thru ADS.. Any consensus on this?

No, it’s not true. You’re not stretching a piece of Play-Doh ;)

Also, check this out: Posting Rules

It can be tough for non-native speakers to translate through slang and unfamiliar abbreviations. Thanks.

I’m guessing you are referring to the double thread on the same subject. Sorry, I created a thread & didn’t think it actually went live to the forum so I made another, then realized what I did. Please feel free to delete one. Again, sorry.

No worries. I was talking about shortening through to thru, but guess it actually worked in a translator when I tried it. It’s kind of in the gray area, just don’t want to see chat speak.

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