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jelqing losing effectiveness?

jelqing losing effectiveness?

hey guys,
I have had great results from manual stretching and jelqing. I started at 5.75” elbp and girth of 5.5”. Currently I hit 7” (my original goal :-) ) and 6.0” in girth…

When I first started about 9 months or so ago (maybe a year, I have a hard time remembering time) after a jelqing session I would be very veiny, I would get the red spots, my unit felt heavier, thicker… Now I don’t nearly the same results. I have tried increasing intensity, harder squeezes, being more erect etc. w/o much difference.

Has this happened to anyone else? would the incorporation of “cross training” help..adding uli’s or horse squeezes??


First off, congrats on your gains.

Your penis is getting adjusted to the jelqing. Usually when that happens, the effectiveness of the workout starts to taper off.

What you need is a change of pace. Trying something different would be a good idea. Then once you’re adjusted to your new, altered routine, you can always go back to your original routine, and it will be just as effective as when you first started out. A break every few months would help also.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

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I think I will try a new routine first.. I think I am hooked on PE’ing….

also with jelqing you are limited by the strength/endurance of your hands…you can only apply so much pressure and once your penis is used to that your hands may not be able to exert more stress which is likely needed for continued gains..congrats on your gains btw, those are awesome results.

Shihan, this is the same with me. Jelqing doesn’t seem as effective anymore.

If I just happen to change my hand positions, could this counteract it, or should I take a week off instead.

I may have hit a plateu and I think I need help, haven’t gained more than 1/8” in months.

I have changed my routine slightly. I use one hand as a toruniquet just beneath the head. Then I use my other hand to squeeze the base. Now I get the same ‘feeling’ I did before. As I adjust to this new squeeze I will start to slide the base hand up to the head hand is a jelqing motion.. that should do it…


modified horse squeeze and powerjelq

shihan 7,

I had reached a plateau for several months, but recently adjusted my routine to include a combination of modifed horse squeezes (like you are currently doing - it gives a huge instant pump to my dick) and the powerjelq for extra intensity. This has jumpstarted things tremendously for me, especially in the “girth”department. I should probably be satisfied with my erect girth, especially at the base, which is 6.75 inches, but as long as I can get more, I’m going for it. My original erect starting girth was about 5 inches. I’m lucky in that girth gains seem to come easy for me.

My biggest plateau has been in the length department. I’ve been stalled for months at 7.375 inches ELBP. I haven’t measured for the past month, and I am hoping for an increase in length when I measure again. Recently, I was relying on frequent dryjelqing for most of my daily routine, but I think reincorporating the powerjelq on a daily basis has also helped for much greater intensity. I think one’s dick can get accustomed to routines, and it is very important to initiate some variety and shake things up a bit every now and then, IMO. I hope to report some decent length gains soon.

One thing I am real happy for is my flaccid girth size. I always hold at 5.25 inches “girth” or larger at the base no matter what. My days of feeling inadequate at the urinals and in the lockeroom are a thing of the past. Flaccid erect length also staying consistent at 5 inches or more.

Seeing where I am today sizewise and where I was almost 1.5 years ago is like night and day. The change to me is downright “miraculous”.

I will NEVER quit PE’ing!


Damn, Shihan...

…over an inch in 9 months…that is awsome. The thing that caught my eye in your previous post was the “veiny” comment. I have seen the same thing, although I have not been doing PE very long. I have not experienced much growth yet, However.

I do manual stretch, Jelq, and power jelq. I have been going VERY lightly with the PJ…that thing will tear beginners up if they are not careful!!

Anyway, erections are better and look very VEINY (in a good way IMHO). Looks like it is ready to pop when hard.

I hope this veiny (if I can borrow your term) thing is a positive sign.

Comments anyone?

“over an inch in 9 months”

Think it was closer to a year..I lose track of what I did yesterday for god’s sake..

Veiny is cool.. looks more powerful.
I think my gains really weren’t ‘gains’ but reclaiming what I already had. What I mean is that fast initial gains might be just getting the hulk back into shape. That would explain my neverending plateau..


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