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Losing girth from length gains

Losing girth from length gains

I have been a member on this board for a few years now, but wanted to post in the newbie section out of respect for the veterans who always post & try to help others and have been here just as long or longer.. Also my post count is still in the single digits lol.. (Technically my status still says noob, so I go by that too).

I have been using the search function for a couple days trying to find a consensus pertaining to a sentence I read on this forum, to no avail..

MY BIG QUESTION IS THIS.. Do you lose girth gains if you try to lengthen?

For example, when I jelq, I start to gain girth fast, like within a couple days (probably due to having done it in the past, then stopping & going back to regular size. I figure it’s probably like weight lifting. If you did it in the past, you will get back to where you were quicker than someone who never did it before.)

But I digress. I read a post that said something along the lines of losing girth from stretching or lengthening exercises.. Anyone experience this?

I know I can’t come on here & say “Hey, anyone get skinnier or lose their PE girth from doing lengthening exercises.” Because everyone is different.

I know you gain at the base from stretching, but what about losing girth gains obtained by starting stretching routines??

Anyone ever have that happen??

I plan on doing VACADS (probably with Monkeybars version) but am also going to do the reliable standby of jelqs for the girth part.. Does this sound ok?? Or counterproductive??

I read that the skin won’t allow for both at the same time.. Or did I just interpret the sentence wrong?

Posting again due to first post being too long winded..

Basically, If I do jelqs for girth thru out the entire unit, will I be doing all that gripping and work for nothing if I am also doing an ADS routine??

I know I have to start slow again, but I jelq at 50% to 70% EQ to gear the jelqs more for girth, as opposed to 40% jelqs for length..

My routine will be do some ADS with 70& jelqs either before or after the ADS.. Any thoughts on this as a routine??

Also would anyone have any suggestions on whether I should jelq first & then ADS, or do the ADS first then jelq?

Sorry for being so long winded in my posts.

Good question. I’m pretty much in the same position . I do jelqs, and then I put my ADS on, and I jelq at about 70-80%. I’m not sure if it has affected my girth but I’ll measure tomorrow and let you know. What kind of ADS do you have by the way?

My routine is pretty much wearing my ADS for approx 4-8 hrs.
Break . (20min - hour)
Shower/warm up
5-10 min manual streching. (varies for no good reason/lack of time)
15 min. jelqing.
10-30min of edging. (I try to last the full 30min. but it is difficult!)
Then I put on my ADS for maybe another 4-5 hours.

My routine varies a lot, because of certain days I do have more privacy than other days, but this is basically the regular routine.

Also, When I do my jelqs, even though i do it at a high erect level I see a lot of increase in my length afterwards. My BPEL is 7.5-6ish right now. Today after my jelq session I measured just a hair over 7.75”. I personally haven’t had any girth increases from jelqing, my dick however has looked a bit thinner.

Topshotta, sorry it took me so long to reply. I don’t have my ADS yet. However after reading quite a bit, I do believe I will be going with the Monkeybars version. Having thought about it, I have decided that I will NOT jelq before ADS. My thinking is that the penis seems to be more elastic and stretches further if I do not jelq first. It seems that the thickening from the jelq reduces the ability to stretch. (At least in my case). I will be ADSing first, then doing the jelqs later in the evening.

Alright , I don’t have mokeybars version. I don’t think you lose girth from length gains though. I just measured today and my penis was looking beautiful . My MSEG was 5.25” so I haven’t lost any girth even with the extensive amount of stretching I’ve been doing.

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