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Losing gains after ejaulating

Losing gains after ejaulating

I’ve been doing jelqing and kegel excercises for some time now. My question is

Is there any way I can hold on to my gains after ejaculating?

I usually do 5 sets of 100 kegels every other day

Dry and wet jelqs and Ulis and after about a week or two of being consistant

I notice harder fuller erections which I mainly strive for.

My problem is after sex with my girlfriend my penis feels weak as well as my erections..

Any tips on holding on to my gains? Other than not ejaculating

I don’t think you will lose your gains because you ejaculate. Yeah my dick feels “weaker” and more pliable after I ejaculate too. But I am not losing my gains. Maybe you are over training ? Maybe you need more jelqs ? I noticed that when I went to the gym and did legs workout (squats) The next few days I am walking boner I could even ejaculate like 5 times per day and still be horny with massive erections, but that was 2 years ago :D I havent visited the gym since then. That is my food for thought :)

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