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Losing Gains?!!

Losing Gains?!!

I am planning to go on a weeks vacation in the near future, my question is - Am I in danger of losing any gains I have made recently if I take a 7 days rest off PE and resume after this period?

No way! A week off will do you good if you’ve been doing it for awhile. It takes quite a while for gains to dissappear from what I understand.

And I never lost any gains (except through hanging - I lost a little girth) by not working out.


If you take off more than one day you will lose everything you have gained and more in fact you will have a vagina after a week.

No if anything a week off will help, it will recharge your pe battery.

“enjoy your vacation find something to do with your dick besides PE


What Dino says is true!!!

I have been on the sidelines with an injury for 1 week now. My flaccid length has gone to shit and I have lost one full inch of erect length!!!!!

No, seriously, my flaccid has gone to shit, but erect? Still pretty much the same.

Don’t worry. Go have fun on your vacation!!


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks guys!!!!

Hopefully when I return from my vacation my dick would have ‘forgotten’ about PE and I will make gains easier again like the first ever 2 weeks of PE!

I’m now planning to do a very intense workout right before the 7 days of non-PE - seen as my dick has good time to recover from it and hopefully grow!

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