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losing gains or...?

losing gains or...?

hello from France.

I do a little pumping and I wanted to have your opinion.

I make two or three sets with 5 Hg as well as the jelquing.
However I have the impression that the pumping makes me lose the profits of the jelk.
Has already somebody noted the same phenomenon or not?

thank you

In my experience, jelquing and pumping complement each other.

Have you seen a measurable loss? and how long have you been doing the two together in your routine?

Hello from Hawaii. :)




To be honest I have not measured, but the loss is effective and visible to the eye.
I do both together for approximately 2 months, but I am not regular in my pumping routine since my findings.

Yes I have experienced this as well, or something similar. But lets first point out that the jelg is mainly a length exercise while pumping is primarily a girth exercise.

The theory put forth in some ancient threads was that as you expand girth wise you may loose some length. The analogy was to think of stretching a balloon; as you pull it longer it gets skinnier and as you pull it sideways, it gets shorter. This is what lead to the long standing advice of doing length gains first before attempting girth gains.

Of course we all want to grow as much as possible in any direction, so I wonder how many actually follow that advice.
I know I didn’t. What was I going to be an exception?

What I can tell you from my own experience is that after the initial “newbie gains”, gaining anything was a slow process.
Nowadays it seems like I don’t maintain that maxed out look from any PE exercise. Shortly afterwards it seems to go into hibernation. Normally that’s a good indication of over doing it, but I really don’t feel I am. Then maybe a day later the willy wakes up again and I’m walking around all day with a chubby of a dick.

I also took a lot of time off from PEing this summer. I just got too busy with other things. I did do some occasional maintenance, but nothing serious. After the first couple of weeks off I started to notice some significant gains. Gaining during rest periods is another topic that’s been discussed here as well. I think after several years of being a hardcore PE’r my wanker just got tired. I didn’t experience any ED, but I did beat the hell out of my wanker in the pursuit of gains.

I look back now and realize my wanker had gotten real tired after about the first year. Maybe sooner. The most significant gains I got since the newbies gains have come during this unplanned rest period. Which I think I’m still on. I’m now stable in the 7.5 x 6 range and on my small frame that looks huge. I wouldn’t mind that last half inch, but for the first time in my life I’m becoming okay with the size of my dick. Damn did I just own that statement?

What I’m trying to say is; Yes I have experience what you’re talking about. I would surmise that your either over doing it - don’t compare because everyone is different, or your wanker is just tired and needs a break. Either way realize that the gains will come if you’re patient and persistent. For most of us PE wasn’t and isn’t an overnight sensation. The others are just bullshitting you.

Time and again we read in these threads that we have to figure out what works for us. More specifically, what works for OUR dick. That can be a slow process also. I think I also might just know who my dick is today. Just hang in there and figure out what works for you. Sometimes during the periods when my dick was really tired from PE, a little viagra, L-ysine, L-arginine, or maca, would be just what the willy needed to get things jump started again.

Well that’s what I know on the subject. I hope it helped in some way.


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It’s hard to express what I see, but you reading, I think you have experienced the same situation because what you describe approaches that I see.
What did you think? should I stopped my pumping routine?

In fact, I have already tried to make a break for pumping. I have refound my gains and then I made a pumping session (3 sets 10min) … The first has been beneficial but not the others.

As you said, we are all different but I find strange to be the one to discuss this phenomenon while many individual practices pumping regularly.

I think I will try to limit myself to my sessions jelk and I will do one pumping (1set 10 min)per week or two weeks.


You haven’t told us how much jelqing you are doing.

It is possible that you are doing too much. How are your [url=/forum/showthread.php?t=43790]PIs{/url]?

I generally pump at 3 inHG vacuum; you might want to consider pumping at 3 rather than 5.

I think that pumping and jelqing go very well together.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


I m jelquing since 8 months…no extraordinary progress.
3*10 min with various grip

pumping since 3 months>>i don’t know really which routine to adopt…I ve read severales post on this excellent forum (the best) and on other forum. I pump when I want (feeling) but generally 2 or 3 times per week. I do 3 sets*10(sometimes20) minutes at 5 or 7 8 in Hg. I know that 8 is not recommanded but I don’t have pain at this level.

Perhaps it s due to my non-regular routine or because i used too much pressure level but at 1 or 2 or….5 inhg, i haven’t got any espanxion;

I don’t know…

I’ve also experienced a loss of length as a result of pumping. I’ve been doing PE for 9 months and have experienced a reasonable gain from wet jelqing. When I started I was about 7.1 inch BP. I got to 8inch BP - fast gaining to start and then slowly creeping towards 8 inch BP. My girth went from 5.4 MSG to 5.5 MSG which to me is disappointing. So I started to experiment with clamping. Clamping didn’t do anything for me, so I have recently started pumping + jelqing to try to increase my girth. After my first week of pumping I started to increase the time in the tube to 20 mins and got a huge chubby that lasted some time. That night my wife returned from an event in a randy mood and whilst she was blowing me it seemed like it was 9 inches and quite thick. She made various comments about it’s size and wants more sex but she doesn’t know I do PE. Since then my BP length doesn’t go above about 7.6 which is very disappointing since it took several months of jelqing to achieve that extra 0.4 inch. My girth may have increased from 5.5ms very slightly but not by the volume decrease of my length. I tried pumping it again today but noticed that it’s 0.5 inch shorter in the tube that I’ve marked. At the moment I’m not a fan of pumping and hope things return with a rest period.



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