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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Originally Posted by cbhuck
New to the forum but I’ve been lurking for some time. The base of knowledge here is incredible and has helped me tremendously, I’ve been doing PE for a few months now and have achieved noticeable gains.

My stats so far:

EG: 5.5”

Aiming for a 8”x6”.

Welcome aboard and congrats on gains!

Originally Posted by jclee43
I am new here,I was going to post pictures but my cock is so small.I am just starting with the PE and I love it.I am 65 and always horny but not much to work with,Wish I would have found this 50 years ago.

Welcome on Thundersplace. Late is better than never - keep it pulling and good luck :) .

How do you post pictures

Originally Posted by jclee43
How do you post pictures

You should start a new thread and attach pics using the button ‘Manage attachemenst’, at the bottom of the windows that opens when you post a reply.

Originally Posted by Slack
We have 34583 members who have never posted. Not even once! Why? Who knows?

So if you’re a Thundersplace posting virgin, come on in, relax, and lose that virginity!

Even if you just say hi, post in this thread, bring your lurking days to an end, and come over to this side of the fence.

I’m ready when you are :)

I have been a member for about a year now, been PEing on and off the whole time. Have had some small but exciting gains. Starting BPEL 6.5” girth5”, now BPEL 7.25” girth5.5” And I can say that I believe size does make a difference during sex. During sex the last few months with my wife, almost each and every time, I have brought her to squirting orgasm, and I have not really done anything different, except I have a little more to offer now, and she has commented on the difference. Needless to say I will be PEing more and more in my future!

So .75” gain in length and 0.5” gains in girth are ‘small gains’? Oh, you never happy!

I have been here for a long while but don’t know how to post. I really am computer . Dumb. Really need step by step instructions on how to post. Help.

Just send me e-mail on how to doe it

Or post a private message to me

Lurking Long Time Finally Posting

I’ve been a member since earlier last year but I did’nt think I had the time to P.E. (Probably did’nt fully believe it was possible to grow your dick either). I’ve been studying intently though for about the last month and I am very motivated. I started the newbie program last week and I noticed that my EQ is even better than it was and I’m one of those point to the ceiling rock hard, glass cutting, harder than Chinese arithmetic erection guys. I’m hoping to gain 2” of length and an inch of width over the next couple of years.

WITCH HUNT!!!! NO COLLUSION!!! 5/8 update (I don't always collude but when I do it's with Russians)

-Dennis Dennison


Welcome aboard equity4tt. So you were not an PE believer. What make you change your mind?
And the next time you got an erection, be careful not to hurt somebody or break something. :)

Welcome duckcrunk, and good luck.

All the testimonials and clear thoughtful advice make a lot of sense and nobody is trying to sell you anything. I guess the one thing that convinced me above all is no one is saying it is easy. Hard work = more results. I’m a big believer in that. And besides would all these people get together to jerk each other around for no profit?

WITCH HUNT!!!! NO COLLUSION!!! 5/8 update (I don't always collude but when I do it's with Russians)

-Dennis Dennison

Good reasoning.

Hey all, I’ve been reading up on PE for quite some time now from another forum, and just realized that registrations to this forum were open!! I’ve read all of the newbie material and I’m ready to start! All of you seem very welcoming and helpful, I’m excited to get a program started hehe. See everyone around the forum.


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