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Hello everyone,

I got referred here by a friend and decided to start up the PE again after finding how thorough this is. Used to do it about three years ago, was frequent for about two-three months with little results. But we’ll try again. Right now I’ve got a BPEL of about 6.25”, a non-BPEL of almost exactly 6.0” and a EG (which I guess would be erect girth?) of 5.0” on average. I may have shrunk from a few years ago, maybe due to a lack of maintenance or smoking.

My goal is, by January of 2010, to have a BPEL of at least 7.0”, an EG of 5.5” would be satisfactory. I’d like to try and stick with realistic goals, I guess. Tell me if this isn’t. But it’s nice to meet you all, and I’ll dump some images in that one board later and post a lot more.

Decided to start up PE again after a few months of slacking off. Glad to finally register on this forum and especially glad I didn’t lose any gains. At 7.25 EL and 4.75 EG. Hoping for 7.5 x 6 or so.

Welcome parallelpoint. You have a good size at starting and your goals are realistic enough for a consistent PEer (and TP reader), IMHO.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by marinera
Welcome parallelpoint. You have a good size at starting and your goals are realistic enough for a consistent PEer (and TP reader), IMHO.

Good luck!

Hey, thanks for responding so fast. I’m hoping I’ll be able to see some gains within four months or so. I would put my routine up, but it won’t let me post there right now. Probably the whole newbie thing. XD

As of 1/1/2009 - 6.25" BPEL // 5.0" EG

Well thanks for letting me pop my cherry. I’ve been peing for just over a month. And just looking to improve my knowledge. Thanks guys.

Hey guys. I’ve been lurking for a while around here, but I have never really started consistent PE.

I have been in a relationship for about a year, so I don’t really have too much motivation to get going.

BPEL 7 inches
NBPEL 6.5 inches

EG: 4.75 inches at the widest point.

I don’t think I ever posted here, so I feel better now. :) Glad I came here to Thunder’s Place.

10/10/08 Bpel 6.50 Eg 4.9 base 5.0 few weeks off due to injury :( 12/10/08 Bpel 6.875 Eg 5.0

03/10/09 Bpel 7.25 Eg 5.0625 base 5.25 Donations Keep The Community Going, Click Me

05/10/09 Bpel 7.50 Eg 5.1 base 5.5 11/10/09 Bpel 7.6875 EG 5.125. Goal is as much as I can

Hey guys, I’m going to give a newbie routine a shot here. I also registered with a similar forum. I’m 24, and I want to break the 6 NBPEL barrier (I’m just shy of it).

Glad to be here

Hey guys glad to be here. I am having trouble navigating because I only see the Spanish forum most of the time, but would like to post more and get to know everyone here in the English section.

Thanks for Thundersplace to everyone that makes it happen!


Hello all,

I’m not new to PE, but have been at it on and off for two years.


Hi, I am a shy English guy. I Have been doing PE since October, though it probably took 2 months to get a decent manual technique.

I discovered MOS first, then found this place. I was lurking for about 2 months before I got the opportunity to join last week.

I think this place is incredible, I think a guy opening up about his size is probably the biggest leap of faith a man can do, I mean I really respect people having the guts to talk about their insecurities, and how supportive the people are here.


Hi! New to all this stuff;very curious to see if it’s actually working :D

Hell not! How could you believe this crap?

Welcome aboard guys.

New to the forum but I’ve been lurking for some time. The base of knowledge here is incredible and has helped me tremendously, I’ve been doing PE for a few months now and have achieved noticeable gains.

My stats so far:

EG: 5.5”

Aiming for a 8”x6”.

I am new here,I was going to post pictures but my cock is so small.I am just starting with the PE and I love it.I am 65 and always horny but not much to work with,Wish I would have found this 50 years ago.


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