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Welcome TheWanderer, chris98, Spudnut and fascinationmaxx.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

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OK, No longer a virgin here. But great idea to be encouraging people to post. Thanks.

Growing is Good, and feels good.

Laughing here, Just trying to get a “flaccid girth” measurement, and I keep swelling up . Kind of a moving target. I’ve always been a grower anyhow. Growing is good.

Growing is Good, and feels good.

Hi all,

Great site I just found out existed. I tried doing a few manual stretches on my own, came here to gain some knowledge, now in my 3rd week of all manual stretching while sitting down.

Here’s my routine. I go for a good stretch with no pain, but a bit of a burning feeling at the base.
6 days on 1 off

5 minute heating pad
30 seconds to the side, then other side, straight up, then straight down, then straight out x 5 sets.
Heating pad between stretches, heating pad for 10 minutes after. Hope I’m doing things right.

Welcome up Shrinkage sucks.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

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I’ve been doing manual stretches while I read or watch TV for a while now, I figure I should keep track of gains and maybe get up the motivation to have a routine.

Saying "hello"


I just beat porn induced erectile dysfunction, and a whole new sexual world opened up to me.
I have heard of PE, and was mostly aware of it for years, but never tried it. I have been lurking on this site for maybe a month or two now. I have been doing the newbie routine for about a month, and threw my pump away after reading about the dangers to an unconditioned unit. I want to approach PE with discipline, and accuracy. I measured today based on a thread I found with the search function. As I understand it, I have an extremely average penis, and who wants to be average? I want to gain length and girth.

Starting Stats BPL(measured from top): 6 3/4" EG: 4 5/8" (as of 5/25/2016)

Short term goal 7"x 5"

Long term goal: Don't really have one. Why stop?

Hello everyone!

After lurking on and off for a few months I’ve decided to sign up. First measured my dong a few years ago and found it to be just 7” long when bone pressed and my girth was about 5” mid shaft. I always thought my penis looked a little thin, so I tried PE a few times in the past, but nothing consistent.
About 2 months ago I began doing PE consistently and have made .25” gains in length and girth. However I wasn’t doing a structured routine of stretching and jelqing; I was just doing orange bends, which I know were not intended to be for beginners. About a week and a half ago I dropped the bends and started jelqing and stretching and I find it kinda addictive and fun.

My goal is to get the legendary 8”x6”. However I want the thinnest point of my penis to be 6”, not just the thickest part. Right now I have the baseball bat effect going on and am struggling to make base girth gains.

Thank you for reading my introduction!

Starting: 7"x5"

5/26/2016: 7.25"x5.25"

Welcome Mr. Oxford and captainjackh.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

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First Post!

Quick question to you guys: How young is too young to start PE?

Note: I just turned 18

What’s up dudes been at it for three weeks and having fun doing it. No gains so far but all good things take time. The negative posts about this not working have me down a little tho. Hope to post more in the future :D

Hello everyone!

This is my first post, so let’s get to the point. I’m just turning 20 this summer, really confident about myself. I’ve had about 20 sex partners so far, neither girl complained on size so far. Few of them actually thought it was big.

So why do I want PE??

Body is my TEMPLE, I wanna be the best I can be, in every aspect! I’m going to the gym for 4 years, you hear people around the world saying ”size doesn’t matter”,”looks aren’t important”. But let me tell you something, when you workout, look good, take care of yourself - YOU FEEL FANTASTIC. It brings your confidence up, and you’re automatically more attractive to chicks.

CONFIDENCE is the most important thing, so best way to bring your confidence up? - BIG DICK

So my starting measurements are:

NBPEL - 6.7” (17cm)
EG - 5.12” (13cm)

My short term goal is 7x5.5, and long term goal 8x6 (magical number, right?)

So far I’ve been doing basic wet jelqs for 2 weeks (day on, day off), started with 50 reps and increased every workout. I’m not experiencing any size gains, but my erections are insane!!

Any recommendations on some program to follow to maximize my results?

And again, don’t ever listen idiots saying ”be yourself” ”be unique”. That’s a load of c*AP. Believe me, you can always be better. Life’s to short to settle for average!


Welcome meltycrayon, Elhefe90 and thebigfoot21.

Originally Posted by Elhefe90
Quick question to you guys: How young is too young to start PE?

Note: I just turned 18

18 to 21 is the best age to start PEing (my opinion). Too bad I started with 25.

Originally Posted by thebigfoot21
Any recommendations on some program to follow to maximize my results?

Since you don’t know were your “sweet spot” is, I would recommend that you start with the lightest routine possible: Linear Newbie Routine.

Your penis never faced this kind of stress before, be careful.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

It,s working for this older newbie

I just discovered this site two weeks ago. I’m in my mid 50’s and recovering from double Inquinal hernia surgery, the type that is just above your penis in your fat pad. I also had my first ever experience with ED back in November, that really shook me up. Once I started to heal from my surgery it was like everything came back to life down there. I’m convinced the hernias were having a negative effect on the circulation to my entire package. In the last couple of years my FL was constantly changing and my erections getting smaller, my penis was shrinking. Once or twice my penis even retracted to a zero or negative length and I had to pull it out just to piss in a urinal, talk about depressing!

Now for the good news; I started the newbie routine two weeks ago, what a difference it has made. My FL and FG are now much more stable and I’ve experienced rapid growth in FL and BPEL and EG. Progress has defiantly slowed a bit now, but I’m looking for long term growth. I didn’t get all the measurements before starting, but here is my progress so far. My FL is not stretched, as I’m more interested in how it looks just hanging in the breeze.

Started PE May 30 2016,
May 31, 2016, BPEL 6.25, EG 4.75, inches
June 4, 2016, BPEL 6.5, EG 4.75, BPFL 4.5, FG 4, inches
June 10, 2016, BPEL 6.75, EG 5, BPFL 5, FG varies 4-4.25 inches

I’m in good shape, very good health and recently single. My goal is to wow the ladies with a big huge cock!

Ok so lets lose this virginity. I’m 22 and I got a dick.

I have never talked about PE with anyone since I knew enough about it to start doing it. Complete secrecy. I read though. I read a lot. So January 2015 I was 6.7” BPEL and I guess 5” girth, 20 years old. I’ve been at it for 1 and a half years since. I mostly stretched for the first year. (Length, thats what shocks them the most when they first see it. Girth is for when you put it in, left it for later). First 4 months I did 4 45min-sessions a week. Then I started doing 30 min sessions 6/7 or some times 7/7. Different kinds of stretches over this whole time, stick with a program for each couple months. Then after 1year&2months I came across the DLD blaster and also figured out a trick to stretch my dick real hard: you get an erection and jelq for 5 mins before stretching, works wonders if you have a foreskin, somehow ur grip becomes very solid. I was hitting 8”x5.5” erections consistently. After some time, the foreskin developed some bruising, and after I further abused it with the manual stretches (driven by the sweet sweet gainssss) it became kinda sensitive and had to stop.

I started jelquing for the first time. I did that for a bit but after a month or so but I think the stretching of the foreskin in circumference caused dry skin and then tearing with light infection (probably dirty hands) which got very sensitive and I had to stop again. Thats where I’m at now. Might see a doctor if I wanna heal faster, but it looks ~ok now.

“LONG TERM” GOAL——————————————-
My goal is 9x6.5. Once I get a living arrangement that provides more privacy imma buy a bathmate. Fucking mushroom tip gonna explode to 8.5x6.5 in 6 months (I’ve never really doen girth before.), but Ill keep using the bathmate for a whole year. Once I squeeze out another half inch (or maybe not) in length, I cement my gaisn for a couple months and then I AM DONE. Forever.

Till I can do that tho, a year of light PE, cement those gains and heal.

PS: And my god bitches love that shit, especially when combined with the kinobody phisique that dudes greg o’gallager look. Have been training for more than 3 years now 3 times a week IF etc I’m ripped as fuck. Let me paint the picture:

You get this hot little cutie home, get her in ur bedroom, she just got flustered by your Baseball bat (an ex girlfriends words :P). Which she might compare her face or hands to. Once you’re both naked in bed you put her on her back and don’t do much for a bit, just have fun with her in the moment, you let her fully accept whats happening (most of all that she’s consciously/in-a-tipsy-state letting you in). Let ur dick fall on her stomach, let it reach her belly button, leave it there for a bit. You lick her or touch her for a minute. You slowly rub the underside of your shaft on her wet pussy. Finally you put your arms on the bed and kinda lean over her. *She comments on the shoulder/upper chest vains showin some times* You take it slow till she she’s taking most of it. Fast -forward: 20 mins later (don’t fucking exaggerate it, its not an endurance competition. And 3 different positions are enough) you got a chick addicted to you, given that she’s probably never been fucked right before.

The real long term goal: fuck 50 chicks till your 30s. (100 is too much andI like to do other stuff more.).

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