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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

I originally joined this site a LONG time ago, and have visited randomly throughout the years but never posted before. From here onward, I hereby grant thee a non-virgin ;) .

YEAHHHH BOY.just registered today.maybe the first to join in 2011!! This site is soooo much better when your a member!! Thanks thunders.

Hey guys I’m new here too, really excited. It’s a new year and I’m looking for a new cock, hopefully a DrewPeacock ;-). Your the best Thunders.

THRILLED to be a member now! Proud member 142,004 ;)

Looking forward to my future of a having quite an exquisite piece of woman candy.

Glad to be on here finally! Hi all

Hey guys! Been a member for awhile but I’m ready to finally be starting my pe-ing this new year. All the best my friends!

Welcome, thatguymike, Rogerbeefcake, MountAnd Dew, Drew Peacock, 1 inch longer, and wiseachoo, and the rest of the new member/posters. Have a good and safe PE career.

:_pump: :donatecar

Just joined, I’ve been waiting a little while to join and glad to have the opportunity now.

I’m new to PE as I do newbie routine and use an Andro extender.

Ok.I lose my virginity.. :-) )


Long time lurker, now finally a new member.
Been doing some PE before, not been thinking about doing it more seriously until now.

Starting out at 7” BPEL and 4.9 EG, hoping that over time I will gain some results. Slowly slowly catch a monkey :)

Same as Shimata here. Been lurking a while. Have done a little PE in the past and a little more lately. Looking forward to learning even more now.

“Long time lurker, now finally a new member.”

Finally registration opened! My bro has been telling me about this site for months, now I’m a member! He is a big-time lurker but I definitely won’t be.


Welcome, guys! Good luck to each of you! Stick with it and be safe and you’ll see that this stuff really works!

My picture thread;

Geetarman's first pic

Greetings! I’ve been lurking for a handful of months now and decided to register today. This is a great site and have learned much already. Cheers!

Glad to register so I can post questions for all you gurus. :D I’ve been at it a month or so now and already seeing some small gains in size, but most notably my EQ has gone from poor to excellent. Glad to have my teenage wood back at age 46!! If PE did nothing more than that I’ll be satisfied.


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