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I agree that involvement is helpful, especially for those of us who sometimes need some “encouragement”. Glad it’s working out for you TaurusMale!

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I have gained 2cm erect length from slacking while PEing. (15cm BPEL to 17cm BPEL) That is why one day I was looking for porn and typed “big cock”, and have seen a 17KB document that claimed that it held the secret to enlargement. It only had basic jelq, stretch and Uli stretch information in it. It said that stretching could cause ED so I jelqed every time I was without a girlfriend, getting my revenge of loneliness from my dick. And when I had a girlfriend I would stop. Mostly I have been on jelqing for a month tops.

I have been happily married for four years now, and gained weight. I felt the need to measure my dick purely out of boredom and found my NBPEL has gone down 1,5cm from the fat around my dick. So it has been 3 months now; I began stretching religiously, thinking that I have reached my peak in jelqing and I have gained another cm in BPFSL but not erect length.

I ran into this forum searching what may be the problem with my routine, and I have read almost all the theories and big gainers threads.

I now know that I have a low LOT and jelqing still is my perfect exercise because the smooth muscle is my limit. I wish I have read it before ordering an ADS. :(

I laugh at those who think PEing is scam, because I being 29, have gained 2cm of erect length from half assed PEing. I wish I was more zealously PEing when I was younger. I started jelqing at the age of 23, and by now I assume I would be more than 20cm erect if I had run into this site then.

I agree that the key to PE is persistency. I have gained 2cm in six years whereas I read in this forum that people gain an inch (2.54cm) in 3 months time!

No more slacking now. I will open a progress thread as soon as I make consistent gains.

Good luck and a strong mentality to go on consistently a long time to PE to everybody. Even a steel rod can enlarge given necessary pressure and time, of course your member can, too!

While I have lost my virginity here, I decided to let it all go. :)

I started PEing because;

When I was in puberty my friends all told me that they have penises over 18cm as if 18 is the magic number. Those whose penises were small said theirs were 17cm. I do not need to look at guys penises, but playing sports you see a lot of guys coming out of showers naked and being in puberty I assume you can guess the cruel commenting and bullying part. ;) I was the bully.

I have never felt the need to measure my dick because mine was longer than any ones, both in girth and length. I just told them that I had a 19cm dick. 7.5 inches for those who can not calculate. :)

I still being puberty dumb and confident, first measured my dick when I was 23 (I told you about downloading a text document I downloaded 6 years ago in the previous post). I was shocked to find that my BPFSL was 16.5cm and BPEL 15cm. All my friends from the basketball team (whose height differs between 6 feet 8 inches and 7 inches) had penises under 15cm!!

Being a man of loyal to his words, I decided to enlarge my dick using jelqing. And yes I needed to have a porn star’s cock quick. I was never a 5 minute guy, and being able to bring all the women I have slept with to orgasm I quit every time I had a girlfriend.

But now I feel that I need that big cock (mine, I am straight) for only me. I need to feel huge. For this I need to see at least 19cm dick beside a ruler. :)

See on my journey to getting there! :D

And by the way I realized that my error in previous post typing my NBPEL was 1.5cm, thanks to god that is not the issue. Mine is 15cm.

I am a bit intoxicated, sorry.

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Ok, my first post here:

I found this place upon a conversation with a girl about the “size”. She basically was telling me that she could never feel it with a 5 incher. Anyways, now I’ve been a lurker for 3 months and didn’t start.

I want to get into PE, but, I watched the videos and it seems like we have to pull it hard. I mean really hard. I am scared of that. Are those videos the standard?

Welcome to Thunder’s Place tusubaca. Yeah you really have to pull it hard to make gains but its fun and your dick is very tough if you do it right. Just follow the Newbie routine and you be off to a good start.

Good Luck.

Posting to post.

Hi !!

Haha this works, here I am making my first reply in this forum

Sorry about my bad English

I’m not sure if this is my first post or not.

Originally Posted by tusubasa
Ok, my first post here:

I found this place upon a conversation with a girl about the “size”. She basically was telling me that she could never feel it with a 5 incher. Anyways, now I’ve been a lurker for 3 months and didn’t start.

I want to get into PE, but, I watched the videos and it seems like we have to pull it hard. I mean really hard. I am scared of that. Are those videos the standard?

You should gauge how hard you pull on your dick by feeling not how it looks. You want to stretch it just hard enough to get a good stretch, NO pain should be felt or over-stretching which could damage your penis. Follow the newbie routine, if your unsure about the stretches, be on the safe said and do it lightly at first. Once you get more accustomed to the sensation, you will be able to better gauge how hard you should pull and gradually apply more force as needed. Take it slow at first, because damaging your penis = stopping PE which = no gains. The first month should be about learning the routine through practice, don’t worry about seeing/making gains this early in the game.

Welcome to thunders tusubasa and happy gains!

Originally Posted by jerome_jackson
I’m not sure if this is my first post or not.

Well it’s either your first or second ;)

You’ve been a member since 2008! Welcome to posting! Hope you do so more often! Happy gains!

Is it my first or what..

Today’s hard question.

Hey guys , I’ve been a lurker for 10 months or so , so this is my 1st post here and am a virgin no more .

I want to thank everyone that shared their stories and experience here about PE and pre PE , it’s really educative and for the majority of us a life changer . Now since I posted I want to share the reasons why I started PE in the first place .

I was 14 yo , and at some point I ended up in a 19 yo girl’s bed , she had this let’s call it fetish to hook up with every guy that liked her sister or vice versa ( strange I know ) anyway , things got heated up , she was obviously experienced and I was still a virgin , we kissed ,we touched and she started “taking my measure ” lol , and rubbed her hand against my crotch and at some point she said something that shattered my confidence from that point on ” that’s good enough for my sister ” ( her sister being 14 like me ) .. And damn I felt like crap , any possible intercourse that might have taken place disappeared from my mind even though she wanted me inside badly , I was shamed and felt inferior so it didn’t happen

Another thing that got me here was the fact that despite the world average penis size all my friends and guys I’ve seen naked were bigger .. One really skinny friend of mine was / is 8.25 and decent girth and another friend crazy girth and over 7 in , so yeah growing up with 6 in besides these guys and others was not easy . As a student when the University organized ski or swimming courses we had common showers where all of us guys meaning 50+ would take showers and of course like any other guy I wanted to compare things and NO , it wasn’t looking nice for me , me being in the lower end of the scale .

At some point (19 yo ) I made a gf , 4 years older and let’s just say she’s been around and from what I’ve heard and later she said so herself she was with a cyclist dude that measured 8.5 , imagine my thrill lol . So I started off insecure as hell and in our first night together ( my first time actually having sex besides BJ ) I was soooo nervous that I fucked up badly the whole thing , it was like I was afraid , afraid of not being good or big enough , so I premature ejaculated 4 ( you read that correct ) FOUR times . In time I got better but the size matter was still there , and to make it worse I started asking stupid questions like how big was that guy , or that guy .. Crazy things like that where you pray to hear something nice even though deep inside you’ll probably prefer a nice lie instead of the ugly truth lol . Anyway while she was away for a few months and we chatted online I searched for penis enlargement and came across for the 1st time ever with some pills , I didn’t order them , but the thought stuck into my head , that there might be something to do about the size issue . Few weeks later after a better search I came across a book which I ordered , which contained info about heating , stretching and jelquing techniques . I gave it a try , but for a too short of a period , and with too much force so yeah the results weren’t there . I didn’t gave up , I read in that book about pumping , so I bought a pump , and the engorged unit from pumping was nice for a while and I remember measuring at one point ( also from the side ) and I was close to 6.5 in , but I thought that’s no gain at all , just me cheating the measurement , coz in my mind the growth would need to happen in a very short period of time . While I was with this girl she said a lot of crap , maybe unintended , maybe intended about my size , things like ” I thought you were bigger , but I enjoyed myself like I didn’t think I would ” and stuff like that who stuck with me for a long time . At one point I was pumping just for fun , she was besides me and when I got the pump off and she saw my unit full and thick she said ” wow , this NEEDS a good ride ” , so there were a lot of tips for me to get that she would prefer a bigger cock than mine . All is ok till here , but what happened next was a huge blow for me .

We were separated and at some point I see her with another guy , long story short after 2 months we get back together , and after a few days I was going thru her PC looking for some pics of mine and I came across 2 folders .. With that guy’s name ( guy that she said she had nothing to do with sexually ) , I take a look at the first pics , and everything ok , when I opened the 2nd folder I was close to a heart attack , pics of them kissing , she was topless .. A sight that would have better be forgotten . After 2 days she came to my house telling me I had no right to get upsat because after all we were not together at that time . And now I said the stupidest thing I could have said ” was it worth it , was he any good ” and she replied ” WAS HE ANY GOOD ?? Oh man , you have no idea , he’s a God , his skills are incredible , the orgasm .. The size , he was long and really thick .. The emotions .. ” I was fucked up badly to say the least .

My pre PE size in my mind was 6.5 BPEL , but when I came across Thunders and read about the correct measuring technique I was in some way afraid to measure from the pubic bone rather than the side , but anyway I did that and to my shock I was 0.5 shorter . I started PEing in February with 6 BPEL and 4.5 EG midshaft , I’ve been really serious about it and till this day I’m doing only manual stretches and jelques but I am really happy with my gains and reading this forum I have to consider myself lucky , just measured yesterday and I am now at 7.65 BPEL and 4.85 EG . I know my girth sucks but I don’t want to get the girth work in the way of the length gains which I am still panning to make ( over 8 ) though I seriously want and NEED girth .

This year I came across a video site like youtube with bodybuilders ( I’m a bodybuilder too ) and while there I saw a very familiar shape , it was that God like guy who I mentioned earlier , he was naked in the vid , with with the back facing the camera , I played it and I was hoping from all my heart so that he turned around so I can see that tripod that haunted my dreams lol , and so he turns and I am like WOW .. That bitch hahaha , he was maybe thicker than my starting size but by no means was he longer , and all this time I though damn he’s huge while she was lying thru her teeth . A lesson well learned , never ask about other guys stats and if a woman refers to you as being small most of the times it’s just an ego blow .

I know this is not the right place to ask this but maybe I’ll get an answer since the opinions are somehow shared and I have no idea where to adress this question . Now being conditionate enough can I jump to higher intensity workouts , like hanging and clamping ? Is it wise to start clamping yet since I still want to gain length ?

Sorry in advance if I broke a guideline . Good luck everyone with your gains

Checking as to whether I’ve done my first post or not :/

EDIT : Okay this is my first post, 4 year lurker here!


My first post at TP. I’m no noob in PE at all, but the forum I was using up until now kind of .. Died out. So I was glad when I found thunders; after lurking around a couple of weeks, there seems to be so much more activity here.

Any who, I’ve been PE’ing on and off since 2007, and now I really want to get into a steady routine. I started out 6.4 X 5.1 and worked towards small goals. I’ve actually hit my first goal (reaching 7” BPEL), and my next goal is to hit 7.5” BPEL. Currently I’m 7.1 X 5.1.

Ok, that was my first post, I will surely post my routine and other stuff later.

Not really losing it here, but oh well. Here we go.


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