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Ligs hurting?

Ligs hurting?

Well, since I poped a vain today (not even while workout! when doing stretches when in the bathroom) I had some time too feel around, and I see, that the base of my dick begins to hurt.
When I touch the it has small pain feeling cant really describe it.
Same when I stretch down, same feeling.
Is it good? does it mean I work my ligs enough? or too much?


Er, got alot of typos sorry for that…

“When i touch the *area it has small pain feeling *,..”

“I had some time *to …”

I think it is supposed to be a good sign that your lig is stretched and it might the fatigue of the stretching causing the slight pain.

I always target for the sensation as well sometimes when i stretch [ even if i only started few days back heheh ]


Well, I hope your right. Because if so my ligs are getting quite the good workout.

Btw, the vain didn’t heal yet =[

Future drawbacks?

Well, I got another question now, after reading some about nox2.
That nox2 seems like a great addition to PEing, and BBing, but in the meanwhile I cant take it. I’d like to know, let’s say I dont take it now, and start taking it later, could it hurt my final potentionl size? or the speed of growing in the start?

And another thing, let’s say im a begginer, I started up with the usual newbie routine, and been improving it quite fast (400 jelqs from 200 in the beggining, adding uli’s, and doing 23 mins of stretches all this in two weeks).
Can doing all these produce a flatu coming faster, because my dick already got used to high level of workout, and I wont have much ways to improve it?

Should I cut some of the workout for the meanwhile, and when i hit a platu add more, another exercise each time?

Because im quite afraid out of a platu that might come.
Although im just starting.

BTW: quartilopez thanks for your post =]

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