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Ligament Gains and Anatomy

Ligament Gains and Anatomy

Just wondering, if one were to gain by only stretching the ligament and not from the tunica, does the penis really gain any length if erect at the same angle pre-PE? The underlying question is - does stretching the tunica just give a lower erect angle, and thereby making it look like you’ve gained erect length? Or does stretching the lig actually allow the inner penis to be more exposed in all angles of erection as compared with pre-PE?

good question. I would like to ask, as this may be related; in some photos and videos, I see where guys get a tremendous stretch in length in the flaccid state. this would seem to indicate a great length gain. Is this apparent stretched out length also a significant length gain in erect state? this is ligament change?

Good questions both.

From an anatomy stand point, if you stretch the tunica permanently, you’ll have more flaccid an erect length.

As far as the ligs go, I’m not sure. I’m not sure how well the inner penis is attached in there. When they do lengthening surgery, after they cut the ligs you still have to wear weights to achieve a gain, and some people still don’t. So I would guess that stretching the ligs simply allows for more stretch in the penis, not just inner penis coming out more. But I’m just guessing there.

Not sure about the flaccid stretched length correlation either.

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