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More Attention: The Suspesory Ligament

More Attention: The Suspesory Ligament

Penis Enlargement is growing to be a very egocentric practice, wherein many guys will work to increase size without much consideration of serious injury. Injuries can range from torn ligaments to bursting capillaries to nerve damage to popped veins, but when the prize of exercise is a bigger package, does our ego over rule our common sense?

The purpose of this thread if to examine one particular element to the penile anatomy: The suspesory ligament. Often times I see men placing an extreme load of weight on the penis hoping the increased weight will create a better stretch and faster gains, when in fact they could be hindering their gains more than they are helping. I believe our egocentric view of lengthening has blinded many of us from this truth and it is time to pay more attention to certain elements of PE, particularly the element of PATIENCE.

What is the suspensory ligament? A better question is what is A suspensory ligament?

Suspensory ligaments are found throughout the body and are designed to give structural support to internal organs by holding the organs in place while also allowing for a degree of elasticity for movement. A great example is the suspensory ligament in the eye, which holds the eye in place and strecthes/moves according to the direction of eye movement.

Likewise, the suspensory ligament of the penis is located at the base of the shaft and attaches to the pubic bone and acts as a key component in erection quality and control. When contracting the PC muscle, the suspensory ligament will inadvertently pull the penis into a more firm and controlled state resulting in that “flexing” movement.

The theory behind stretching this ligament is that prolonged stretching will utilize its elasticity and permanently lengthen penis. In fact, lengthening surgery will sever this ligament and place an extension in place of the cut so the length of the penis will increase. Stretching follows the same premise (lengthening the ligament) and has been shown, especially on Thunders, to work very effectively for flaccid gains as well as erect gains.

The problem? Over stretching will cause the ligament to tear and be replaced with useless scar tissue! Those of us who know when our ego talks to us rather than our common sense find that injury occurs very quickly, and a torn ligament is no laughing matter.

Why pay attention to the suspensory ligament when stretching? To neglect the limits of your ligament would be setting yourself up for disaster. Yes, the ligament stretches and retracts like a rubber band, but that doesn’t mean it is indestructible! I cannot stress the importance of COMMON SENSE WHEN STRETCHING OR HANGING. Use a weight or pressure that gives enough pull to where you can feel the ligament being stretched and STOP if you feel pain. Eventually, after a good dose of patience, signs of a longer penis will show.

Any further suggestions or comments are welcome! Thanks guys!


I am not aware of any pe-er who tore his susp. Lig. (Of course, microtears)

Also, the scar tissue is not useless. In fact, the ligs strengthen under stress, which is inconvenient because it forces hangers to increase the weight over time.

That said, I agree —-

—- That patience is important (unfortunately) and

—- That injury should be avoided

Later - ttt

Scar tissue is more of a hinderence than useless. The idea is micro tears lead to healing, macro tears lead to scar tissue. Scar tissue behaves differently to the oiginal tissue. Scars tend to be less flexible than the original tissue, and can be a point of weakness, as they will tear under duress more easily than the original tissue.

Thanks for the input :)

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