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Lig stretches aren't working for me

Lig stretches aren't working for me

Is anyone gaining with just advance stretches only. I need a routine I still just stretch in all directions. 2 mins in all directions.

Could you be more specific? People don’t move on to advance stretches until they are done with the newbie routine. How long have you been doing the routine or are you done?

Let us all know more about your situation for us to help answer your question.

I’m done with the newbie routine but i stayed with lig stretching but increased the time from 30 secs to 1-2mins depending on the day. I dont really jelq as much as i should probably do 50 reps

Stretch in all directions.

Never mind LOT theory, if you read the last pages of “LOT Theory 101” by Modestoman, you’ll see that it seems to be a rather weak theory (= doesn’t add up when looked at closely).

regards, mgus

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Keep the lig (regular) stretches. They are still excellent ways to gain and are very likely to speed up your gains when you start gaining size through other ways, for instance jelqing and tunica based advanced stretches, like v stretches and the two way stretch.

I’ll advice you to take a look at my lengthy routine, that is a good length gaining routine with lot of advanced stretches in it. It could give you nice gains :) .

Bird2 do you think it’s more jelqing or stretching that’s giving you gains?

Originally Posted by Unlucky7
Bird2 do you think it’s more jelqing or stretching that’s giving you gains?

Stretching but jelqing amplifies length gains, at least in my case.

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