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Length or Girth from Jelqing

Length or Girth from Jelqing

I have read a lot about jelqing on this forum, considering the fact it’s the only exercise I have been doing for the past 3 months, and I’m a little confused about some things.

I’ve read a lot about how greater expansion, above the grip throughout the stroke is vital to gaining girth and cementing a good workout, but I’ve also noticed that you get less expansion when jelqing at higher erection levels.

I understand how low level jelqing would be good for gaining length, because you can actually feel it stretching the ligs and the tunica.

But from what I’ve read you need to make sure that expansion is happening above the grip throughout the stroke in order to gain girth. So if higher erection level = less expansion, then how could this target girth more effectively than jelqing at a lower erection level that promotes greater expansion throughout your stroke?

Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks.


When Jelqing at a high erection level there is less visible expansion but the tissue is already far more expanded, and any additional expansion is expanding to something over your normal capacity which means you stretch the tissue outwards.

This is what I have gathered from reading around and it makes sense that to increase capacity you need to stretch it to and past its limits, it is the same theory as stretching where you stretch it out past its normal length.

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Any other ideas from vets?

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