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Jelqing Theory

Jelqing Theory

Why do some guys easily gain length but little girth from jelqing, while other guys gain good girth but little length from the same exercise?

Much debate has centered upon wet jelqing (for length) vs. dry jelqing (for girth). There seems to be divided opinion on this point. Furthermore, I’ve noticed that some of the better jelq-induced length gainers performed their jelqs in a downward direction (however, so did I). Many guys tout wet jelqs for length; luvdadus, however, has gained at least 2” EL from doing mostly dry jelqs (and virtually zero stretching).

So, when it comes to jelqing for length, there seems to be no consistent factors regarding wet or dry jelqing, the direction of each jelq, the duration of each stroke or the gripping force employed; or even whether an underhand or overhand grip should be used.

After nearly 19 months of PE, I’ve come to suspect that the benefits each of us receives from jelqing is dependent upon the strength of our respective connective tissues. Those with strong connective tissues (such as myself) will not realize the same length gains from jelqing – regardless of how many we may do. Our stubborn suspensory ligament and other connective tissues keep our jelq-bloated units from much elongation, rather forcing the stresses outward, which contributes to girth gains. Guys with more pliable connective tissues get not only a pump from jelqing, but also a lot of stretch work for their connective tissues.

I’ve observed that the more stubborn the length gains, the more the girth gains from jelqing. Again, those restrictive connective tissues leave the forces no vertical escape, but directs the pressure outward. Conversely, those with softer connective tissues seldom build up the internal pressures required for girth gains from jelqing alone – because their units are expanding along a vertical axis; hence, better length gains.

I’ve gained girth from simple jelqing, and rapidly so – ½” EG the first month, and more than 1” total. However, my length gains were at a roughly 1:1 ratio. While some might appreciate the girth I gained, I was predominantly after length.

Today, after an extended PE break, I took some girth measurements – with a “good” erection, but no PE “priming.”
Girth: 155mm (6.10”)
Width: 47mm (1.85”)
Clearly, my girth outdistances my width (compared to the size database averages). If my unit was a perfect circle, my girth would require a 1.94” diameter (only 0.09” off), and my diameter would require a 5.81” circumference (only about 0.29” off). As you can see, neither measurement deviates from the proportions of a true circle by even 5%; so, it should be obvious that my unit is much closer to a cylinder than an oval.

The $64,000 question is did PE affect my width:circumference ratio?
Unfortunately, I don’t know.
I never took a width measurement until long after I had made some significant girth gains. However, if my memory is at all reliable, I believe that my unit was never really oval-shaped to begin with (although I would say that jelqing has brought my unit even closer to being a true cylinder shape).

In my case, I believe that downward jelqing resulted in heavy development of the underbelly of my shaft – probably adding to the “roundness” of my unit. I believe this condition was the result of a stubborn suspensory ligament which directed the forces downward, into the underbelly of my shaft (while developing very little penile width).

I believe that jelqs performed with the thumb and 2 or more fingers will help to slightly minimize lateral expansion, and will focus more pressures along a vertical axis. I also suspect that by occasionally employing an underhand grip – with 2 or more fingers – and jelqing straight up, I’ll be targeting the upper half of my shaft, possibly even my glans.

I believe that it’s reasonable to assume that the connective tissues play a bigger role in jelqing benefits than does jelq technique.

I. For Easy Length Gainers From Jelqing:

1- If you want more length, obviously, continue with your present technique.
2- If you’re happy with your length, but want more girth, try these 2 approaches:
i) Dry jelq with an underhand grip (using the thumb & forefinger), pulling upwards, near a 12:00 LOT – this will take the ligs out of the picture.
ii) Employ the following 4 techniques: [1] ulis, [2] compression wraps / cock ring usage / cable clamp at the base for extended periods, [3] clamp your base with one hand, then grip your head with the other, and push both hands together, slightly “rolling” your shaft also in a “slinky” type motion – this greatly focuses the pressures in a lateral, as opposed to a vertical, direction, and [4] place your unit, at about 85% erection, against a flat hard surface and apply downward pressure (this move supposedly improves the impressive, much-celebrated penile width).
II. For Tough Length Gainers From Jelqing:
1- Divide each jelq session into roughly equal parts with these 2 types of Jelqs: [1] use the thumb and 2 or more fingers, with an overhand grip, pulling straight downward, and holding the end of each stroke – as a stretch – for several moments before doing the next jelq, and [2] use the thumb and 2 or more fingers, with an underhand grip, pulling straight up your abdomen, also tugging a little extra at the end of each stroke.
2- Focus on Time… Get as much stretching time in as possible, including rotary cranks. Also, at the end of each day, do Lazy Assed Stretches (alternating from right side to left) – try to log as much total time as possible sitting on your k’yack (with a deep stretch).
3- Consider mechanical assistance – predominantly hanging, if that’s feasible for you. An ADS might also help. And you might want to consider vacuum pumping, in a narrow tube, at low pressure, for extended periods of time.

Footnote: I'm going to need at least a few months of trial with these methods to determine any benefits from their application. I'm hoping to resume PE within another week or two. I'll update after I've give this approach some time.

- w a d

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Great post, wad. It all seemed to make sense. I’ll give it another read tomorrow after I’ve slept. I can’t think of any questions at the moment, but maybe I’ll come up with some by then.

I think our recommendations are great, by the way. Thanks for taking the time to develop your thoughts and sharing them.

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A very good post. I’ve lurked here for years and never said as much.

However, can you better explain “[4] place your unit, at about 85% erection, against a flat hard surface and apply downward pressure.”

Am I to read this as smashing you unit like pizza dough?


Originally Posted by wadzilla
Why do some guys easily gain length but little girth from jelqing, while other guys gain good girth but little length from the same exercise?

Great post once again big W,

It is a big dilemma. Could it be that everyone does have different view of erection percentage levels? Of course, 100% and 0% are definite numbers, but I can’t help thinking that everything between is a strong personal opinion. For example, I have gained 1cm x 0.4cm (0.4” x 0.15”) last three months doing 80-90% jelquing (stretched too), but that could be 95% for someone else and 60% for another. I’ve never ever gained that much doing jelquing, and that leads me to think, if I actually did <50% or so jelquing before, which doesn’t do much if anything at all…?

Two points as a summary:
- Enough pressure. —>
- Figuring out the erection percentage levels.

A Man behind his mask.

Thanks, KOG. I’m searching for length here just like everybody else. Trying to keep up the exchange of ideas so I can learn too.

>> “Am I to read this as smashing you unit like pizza dough?”

Yes. It’s downward pressure for about 30-45 seconds or so, forcing the tunica and chambers to expand to the sides.

>> “Could it be that everyone does have different view of erection percentage levels? Of course, 100% and 0% are definite numbers, but I can't help thinking that everything between is a strong personal opinion.”

I agree. I’m not sure what basis people use for giving percentages. If a penis is 6” maxed, does 50% mean at 3 inches? Or, are people using the difference between flaccid and erect. In other words, if 3 flaccid and 6 erect, is 50% the halfway point (4.5”)? Or are they simply gauging by feel and picking arbitrary numbers?

I will say this however – I’ve jelqed at every percentage along the spectrum. Usually starting out rather flaccid and working my way through. And I’ve done them wet and dry, yet length was always a stretch, while girth just kept coming. The same goes with gripping force and duration of stroke (supposedly the quicker strokes are for length – so the common thought goes – and longer strokes are for girth; again, these changes have made no difference for me, it’s usually just a girth exercise for me).

I believe that when dry jelqing it is important to work the entire shaft. I also believe that how you perform the technique has alot to do with how your shaft grows.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Mr B. Dog finds that if he whacks his dick with a hammer, it turns purple, and shrinks up for a week.

Originally Posted by Smallja
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When I wet jelq, it doesn’t get that hard on the sides (have felt with my other hand). But my head gets very hard. Would that mean that I gain length easy from jelqing, because the blood seems so push forward and not to the sides? Don’t remember the name, but the thing that holds blood on the underside of my penis gets very hard also.

Forgot to add that I’ve gained about 1 cm in about 6 weeks, and this was due to downward jelqing with 60-70% erection. When I jelq towards my body, the sides get harder.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
After nearly 19 months of PE, I’ve come to suspect that the benefits each of us receives from jelqing is dependent upon the strength of our respective connective tissues.

I’m not sure it it has to do with the “connective tissues” as much as it has to do with the layers of the tunica. Remember, there are two layers of the tunica with fiber orientation perpendicular to each other. So perhaps it’s just a matter of the relative tensile strength of the two layers. If you length-wise layer is weaker you gain more length, if your girth-wise layer is weaker you gain more girth. But this would surely relate to the erection %-age too. I’ve tended to jelq at very high erection levels and I’ve gained decently in length and girth (I’ve done precious little stretching so I assume that most of my length gains come from jelqing).

2010-01-09: BPEL: 19,7cm [7.75"] EG: 15,0 cm [5.9"]

2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]

I think Wad was referring to the tunica when he used the term, “connective tissues.”

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

#2, That's me! Cock ring experiment

Wad - Great post! I fall into Category II - Tough Length Gainers From Jelqing. Surprisingly, I settled into the #1 downward stroke and hold routine, and have been making sloooow gains (1/4” length in 4 months or so, after some rapid initial noobee gains). I’ll definitely try stroke #2, as I also did this one initially, but stopped about 6 months ago.

As for supplementing with mechanical stretching, I’ve been experimenting with stainless steel cock & ball rings, but it’s too soon to tell if I’ve gained any significant length with them. I feel like my cock and balls are hanging lower, and that perhaps my suspensory ligs are getting stretched.

Here’s what I’m doing:

Think of someone gently massaging your balls and stroking your cock off and on during the day. That’s how I feel when I wear my cock rings. It’s a real all day turn-on. After some experimentation, I’ve settled on 6 stainless steel 2” diameter x 5/16” thick rings. The whole assembly is about 2” in length, My balls and about 1/3 of my cock sticks out the end. It looks good, and feels good. To put them on, I rinse the rings off with hot water, dry them, then put them on - right ball through first, then left ball, then my cock. The warmth of the rings, relaxes the muscles in my ball sac, and makes it easier for it to stretch and accept the rings. For about 20 minutes, it feels like I have a nice warm cloth around my balls and cock - sweet and relaxing.

To retain warmth and ball sac stretch, I cover the whole assembly with part of a cut-off athletic sock. Steel is a good conductor of heat, and my balls feel quite cold, when not insulated by the sock. This is not much of a problem when I’m active (walking, standing, moving around) but is a problem when I’m sitting for prolonged periods of time.

I like the weighty feeling and the stretch it gives to the ligs at the base of my cock. In the morning and evening I add two more rings and do a 15 minute bump and grind routine, and get the whole thing swinging back and forth. The rings weigh about 1.25 pounds and have a lot of momentum. The swinging motion gives an intense stretch to the top ligs and I like to think that over time the ligs will lengthen and my cock will get a longer, lower hang.

I wear them all day, and take them off before turning in. I’ve worn them at night, but it’s too much of a turn on and I don’t sleep well. When I bump and grind, the centrifugal motion causes blood and fluid in my cock and balls to pool and they get engorged. They feel weighty and it looks good and is quite a visual turn-on.

But wait, there’s more (as the infomercials say)! It’s like I’m on a mild aphrodisiac all day. I’m hornier, think sexy thoughts, see plain women become sexy through my horny “rose colored glasses”. I go out of my way to flirt with the other office “flirts”. In fact, I have to hold myself back a little.

planning to add two more rings for my morning and evening swing routine, for a total of 10 rings. No pain or injuries so far, but I’ll be taking it nice and easy.

Anyone else had similar cock ring experiences? Later. MC

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Yeah I miss the wad theories he always had some good ones and always well thought out and presented great.

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