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Length, girth and curve.

Length, girth and curve.

Hey, me again :D

Anyways, I have been doing the newbie routine for roughly 6 months now with no real gains except MINOR semi erect girth. So basically I am willing to buy a size genetics extender and bathmate pump.

I am currently still at 7” x 4.6” and with that being said, I am insecure with my girth (and a leftward twisted counter clock wise curve) By using said devices and basic jelqing and stretches do you guys think I could “cure” my curve? Also, should I use both at the same time or would one cancel out the other? Lastly, my goal is 8- 8.5 x 6-6.3.. How long do you guys think that would take and how realistic would it be?( Also how long would 8x6 take/how realistic?)

8” is not unrealistic - it would require 2 years of consistent work on average. 1.7” gain in girth, that’s not realistic IMHO.

Pump and extender aren’t mutually exclusive, but you’ll have to learn how to make them go together. If you pump, your stretched penis (wearing the extender) will probably be shorter; once you remember that it is nothing less than normal, you can avoid becoming mad for that thinking that one device ‘cancel the other’.

I would use only one of the device at time, though, because otherwise you’ll never know which one is giving you gains.

Whats the most girth people have gained?
I’m his size with a tiny bit more girth.

Maybe the methods he said he wanted to use won’t get him that girth, but other methods should, right?
Or atleast close to those?


Height = 5' 2", Weight = 170, Age = 24, Uncut, Starting Size = Current Size ~ BPEL = 6 14/16 ~ 7 Inches, MG = ?, BG = ?

Current Goal ~ BPEL = 8 Inches

Penis Length proportion to Height ~ Around 11.2%

Sooo anyone out there with really good girth gains, and curvature cure? How about 8.5 x 6?

I’ve gone from 5.25 to 5.75-6 in in erect girth. I started out about 9 months ago. I sets of 100 jelqs probably 4 times a day and 10-15 min. Clamping sessions as Manny as I can fit in. But I started out very small and worked my way up. Before I even bought a cable clamp I just egged with a cock ring that was 2 sizes too small just to get a feel for the pressure. Just my opinion.

BG I believe went from 5 to 7 inches in girth. Although that dude is super dedicated and well conditioned for the routines he did/does

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

Anyone have success with gaining this amount of girth (1”-1.5”) and/ or correcting a curve?

And did you you achieve it?

Correcting a curve is tricky business. It is essentially accomplished by getting an erection and slowly, but firmly bending against the curve and holding it there.

Some people have used a pump cylinder that fits extra snugly to accomplish this.

Get the erection and slide the cylinder over the erection, straightening it out. Kegel to maintain the erection. Obviously this is done without pumping.

As to using a stretcher and a pump, that is a strategy some have used. Nothing wrong with it per se.

If you are new to all this, I’d still recommend The Newbie Routine. With the jelqing component, be advised it’s best to jelq between 50% and 80-ish% erect. If you do it more towards 80% that will favor girth. At lesser erection levels that will be more like a stretch and so favor length.

Good luck.

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Hi, well my friend I think you have to relax a bit, It need time, maybe you will take 6 month , maybe 1 year, maybe 5 years, no one can give you accurate answer, don’t be in a rush, Nothing in PE happen magically, it all takes time and lots of work, I have been exercising for 6 month I gain half inch in girth, others didn’t , it depends on your body too, So try to find an exercise that suite you, there is many that focus on girth, and your 7 inches long you don’t need more at all focus on girth only good luck,

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