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Length to Girth Ratio

Length to Girth Ratio

Hey guys,

So I’ve searched the site a few times over and couldn’t seem to find an answer to this question (but please correct me if I’m mistaken).

I’ve heard time and time again that it is better to begin with length workouts, and then add in the girth later. Well, right now I’m currently 6.8 BPEL by 4.5 EG, possibly a little longer when the upward curve is taken into account.

While I haven’t reached my long term length goal of 7.5 (haven’t decided whether I want it BPEL or NBPEL), I know that girth is where I truly fall short, especially when you consider the ratio of length to girth. By the way, my long term girth goal is 5.5. I’ve heard girls say things like they’d rather fuck a fat 5” than a 7” pencil, but opinions aside, what I’m specifically concerned about is whether I should switch over to girth exercises in order to help speed up gains in both length and girth. In my first thread, I mentioned how I can’t fathom how people stretch their flaccid further than their EL (I’m actually lagging by a quarter inch), but now I wonder if it can be attributed to a weak flaccid girth, which makes it seem like I will rip my dick off if I stretch it anymore. Also, when thinking about a 7.5 x 4.5, I can’t help getting visions of that guy at the gym with the ridiculously huge chest and arms, walking around on chicken legs.

I guess I’ll go ahead and kill two birds with one stone here and ask another, possibly more ignorant question: Why haven’t I heard any cases for the opposite argument on the order of PE workouts? As in, go for girth first because it is harder to expand the width of a long pipe than a stubby one.

For the record, my length workout (which I previously posted drove my dick crazy and got to aching for a few days) seems to continue to give me gains, although they are rapidly diminishing. What are your guys thoughts on this ratio issue? Also, I’m rocking a mushroom, which is about 5” when as happy as can be.. So maybe my ratio isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be.

Originally Posted by 4thewind
…Also, I’m rocking a mushroom, which is about 5” when as happy as can be.. So maybe my ratio isn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be.

I was 6”glans girth and only 4.3” ( 11 cm ) mid shaft. and around 6-6.5” BPEL.

I have always trained girth a lenght simultaneously and gained very well in both department.

Seems you have a good feeling in training lenght, but there is a possibility, as in my case, that you will find some problems in training girth, at least in the beginning. So better to begin at once as I did.

Best wishes.

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