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Red spot after only Jelquing twice.

Red spot after only Jelquing twice.

Hey Guys - hope you can help.

I just came across this site a week ago and decided to start jelqing (using the newbie routine). I was excited about PE. After the second time I jelqued (which was this past Wednesday), I ended up with two red spots on the head of my penis.

What’s going on? Am I going at it too hard? This scared me big-time and haven’t jelqued since - waiting for the red spots to go away (they look like age spots).

Any comfort or help would be appreciated.


From what I’ve read so far, the red spots just mean it’s working.little red spots = good workout.I get them all the time.but thats just what I’ve read and experienced.

These weren’t little red spots there was one large spot and one smaller one beside it (looked like a birth mark - not little red dots all over).

Are you saying that I shouldn’t worry about it and keep Jelquing?

How large?

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About the size of a frozen green pea

I had one about that size before, it had a purple tint. Needless to say it scared me and I stopped peing till it went away.I ignore tiny little red ones though.they usually diapers by morning.

Okay - thanks so much for the help. I will wait until it goes away again. Should I stop going so hard at it when I am jelquing?

Sounds like too much pressure.

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I had several who where as large as a fingerprint. Don’t let them stop you, after a night of sleep (or two) they will be gone and you will gain, this is a huge sign.

Since the one spot is so large, I say take a break and use the time to thoroughly read the Start Here Section at the top of the Newbie Forum.

When you start again, take it easy!!! Your hands are a lot stronger then your cock, so give it a break. Just start off with more of a massage technique and slowly over time, your cock will become conditioned to the rigors of PE and you can use more pressure.

For now, take it slow. This is not a race and no matter how anxious you are to have a big cock, you cannot rush the process.

Take a break and listen to the message. I’d say that that message is that your dick might need a little more conditioning than most. We’re all different. Just like some people have thin skin and some people have thick skin- some dicks start off a little more “fragile” than others. Just don’t do your dick in by pushing it faster than it can handle. With enough modifications you can run a cellica as a dragster- but you’ve got to patiently modify it first. Same with your dick. I would also reccommend using a healing lubricant such as olive oil or even sesame oil because I’ve found that these greatly aid in keeping the tissues healthy when compared to the effect of hand creams/lotions and water based sex lubes. These natural oils keep your skin and tissues more subtle by replenishing nutrients and maximizing elasticity/suppleness. Check out the active thread called “best PE lubricant” which is active in newbie area now for why oil might be better than other substances which work well, but don’t neccessarily help you recover quickly.

Good luck man. Remember, after a month or two you’ll be abusing that unit like a true journeyman PE’er. Message is you’ve just got to get the unit up to speed. Peace

Thanks guys - very helpful!

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